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Learn math with an awesome Cuemath teacher

Learn math with an awesome Cuemath teacher

January 3, 2017

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Harneet Chadha, mother of Manraj is an extremely delightful person who believes that children should not be forced into learning things. Being the dedicated mother that she is, Harneet wanted the best for her son and is really happy she found Cuemath Teacher Anuradha Chopra.

“I heard about Cuemath from someone I know but a lot of my friends were advising to try Kumon. That was when I got really confused.”

Harneet spoke to Anuradha and understood the flow of Cuemath. Anuradha Chopra, invited her and Manraj for a trial class for 2 days to learn math.

“The thing about Anuradha I really liked was the fact that she made every child comfortable and treated them with so much respect. She never scolds any of the kids when they make mistakes but instead she makes sure that they learn math through their mistake and understand what needs to be done right.”

Harneet finally enrolled her son with Cuemath after taking feedback from a few other parents. Even though he was already good at math, Harneet continued to see Manraj grow in terms of accuracy and precision.

“When I saw my son grow and approach his math problems logically, I knew that I made the right choice!

When he asks me math questions, I take time to answer them. I never liked math back in school but Manraj? He’s crazy about math now! During my childhood, I was forced to sit and learn math but as a mother I often think how impossible it is for me to force my child to do anything. He is learning on his own and he is enjoying it.

Manraj finds Cuemath challenging and it keeps his mind alert!” says the happy mother.

Harneet was ecstatic when Manraj explained a puzzle card to her.

“Puzzle cards, logical questions, these were all unheard of during my school days. When he explained a puzzle’s solution to me, I was doubtful. It made sense, but I wasn’t sure it was right.

When I asked his teacher Anuradha about it, she told me it was absolutely correct although it was a very rare approach. I was so happy to hear that!

"My son is charting his own paths to solve problems. He’s still a child, but I know for sure, this will help him in future”

Harneet explains that making the right choice for kids is extremely important because it helps in moulding their future. That way, she feels that Cuemath lets kids learn math at their own pace and does not force anything on them unlike many other learning programs.

“My son is very happy with Cuemath so why not let other parents know this? I have a lot of friends who share the same feelings as me!”

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