How to make your child a Mathlete with IMO


July 16, 2018

How to make your child a Mathlete with IMO

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Has your child always been keen on solving puzzles and complex timed problems?
They might have a Mathlete gene in them!

The International Math Olympiad is a Math challenge that takes place every year welcoming young Mathletes from over 100 countries, solving math problems against each other in a competitive environment over a period of 12 days. The International Math Olympiad is one of the most prestigious annual mathematical competition for school students consisting of 6 questions of 7 marks each. The content and pattern of questions presented in the Math Olympiad range from complicated algebra, calculus problems to widespread problems on branches of mathematics that are generally not taught to your children in schools or university levels.

The primary objective of the Math Olympiad is to inculcate in your child, the competitive spirit to tackle real-life logical problems and situations they may face in life.

The International Math Olympiad is not just a math competition; it’s a global challenge that helps your child grow their mathematical skills in a competitive environment.

Here are some of the ways you can nurture and help the Mathlete in your child grow to its full potential:

1.Allow your child to explore different ways to solve a problem:

A single math problem can have many different ways to solve it. However, in the general blackboard educational system, a student is only taught a unique way to perform a math problem, which limits their thinking to that particular solution and does not allow them to find their unique solution to the said problem.

Math Olympiads and Math competitions such as the International Math Olympiad challenges your child’s conceptual knowledge on various levels of math thus letting them think outside the box to find their solutions to the problem given.

2.Encourage your child to participate in different math Olympiad:

Math Olympiads such as the International Math Olympiad is a test of your child’s understanding of the various lessons and concepts that they are taught at school. Encouraging your child to participate in Math Olympiads will help them apply the conceptual knowledge they learned at school in practical situations. For example, if your child learns the concept of LCM and HCF in school, the International Math Olympiad will test his understanding of the applications of these concepts through practical application based questions.

We at Cuemath understand math is not just limited to concepts taught at school, we understand the need for your child to know and understand the practicality of the problems and concepts they are taught at school.

3.Allow your child to explore the fun side of Math with challenges:

As a parent, you too can help your child become a Mathlete by giving them fun Math challenges and letting them see Math problems as a challenge. Your child might find a specific Math problem tough to crack the first time they try it, but that is what makes the problems fun to solve. Children love being challenged because it comes with the satisfactory reward of being able to solve something tough on their own.

4.Allow your child to fall in love with the concept of Math:

Your child learns about the basics concepts of Math like counting, additions, and subtractions at a very young stage. These concepts later set the foundation for the work they would be doing in the later stages of their life; this makes understanding Math as a fun concept all the more important. Allowing your child to have fun, find math connections in their surroundings helps your child fall in love with the subject.

5.Show interest and excitement in the subject yourself:

Your child learns from their environment, from you and how you tackle general math based situations in your life and surroundings. Your involvement in Math paves the way for a supportive environment for the child to see the subject in a fun way. At Cuemath we let your child take home puzzles which they can share with the whole family as a fun activity to reach a joint solution that would allow them the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and logic in a more open environment.

6. Allow your child to find mathematical connections in the environment:

Math is not just a subject your child is taught at school; it’s a life skill. Math is everywhere around us from calculating distances between places, to buying groceries and performing other complex real-life problems your child will need to use the math he or she learns in his or her daily life to make the most out of the world.

Allow your child to make and find the connections themselves.

The International Math Olympiad started in Romania in 1959, is taking place at Cluj-Napoca from 3rd to 14th July 2018 hosting over 100 countries!

Make your child Olympiad ready with our special Math Olympiad course today!

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