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Manan khurma: The future is in the why of Math!

Manan Khurma, CEO and Founder of Cuemath was featured in an interview on Bloomberg TV India (BTVI). Manan was in conversation with Vikram Oza, Senior Editor at BTVI on the segment “Rising Stars”.

He talks about how Cuemath is revolutionising the way math is being taught across the country and how a community of highly talented, qualified and certified women are making math more approachable to KG-8th grade students.

Take a look at what he says below

Rising Stars has gained popularity with its portrayal of upcoming innovative businesses over the past few years. In the past, Rising Stars has seen leaders like Neha Motwani, CEO of Fitternity, Shailesh Jacob, CEO of Loan Frame, Partha Sarathi, Co-founder of Life In Control etc. who have all made an impact in their respective fields.

Manan’s presence on the show has positively impacted Cuemath’s visibility. He clearly explains why offline learning is the best method to teach young students, in an era where most services are becoming online. Moreover, his belief that students should learn math holistically by spending equal time on conceptual math, mental aptitude and creative reasoning holds good because, knowing the why behind every concept will help students discover the fascinating side of math. Manan also throws light on the amazing work of Cuemath teachers who strive hard to help their students become great at math.

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