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A math champion in the making

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A math champion in the making

July 21, 2016

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Aryaman Agrawal is a bright student from Delhi who always enjoyed math since his childhood. However, he says that math wasn’t always easy and he researched about many concepts when he found them difficult.

“I began going for Cuemath classes in November 2015 and expected it to be like normal tuition classes” said Aryaman, “However, when I saw the questions, I realised that the questions were very interesting and engaging. I had seen many of them in my Olympiad exams”

Like most students who have their goals set, Aryaman is also quite fixated on his goals in life although he’s just in the 8th standard and wants to be a math champion. Well, his Cuemath teacher Nancy Sharma told me that he is already one. She describes him as a highly intellectual student who has a thirst for knowledge.

Aryaman won the state level AES Scholarship, which basically evaluates 3 best Olympiad results out of 4 and awards the student with the highest score.

“I know I got the scholarship because of the drastic improvement in my math rank” said a proud Aryaman.

I asked him about his improvement after Cuemath and he informed me quite excitedly,

“2 years ago, my rank was in the 1000s internationally, this time my rank was 61.”

Nancy Sharma informed me that Aryaman enjoyed the Cuemath classes so much that he went for the classes almost every day.

Linear equations was a topic that Aryaman did not understand in the beginning. However, he explains that the Cuemath worksheets enabled him to master the topic. He had similar experiences with Geometry but now loves solving questions related to that.

So what does Aryaman like the best about his Cuemath class?

“The puzzle cards! They’re simply awesome!

Because of the puzzle cards, I actually realise that I have the ability of solving a problem using many approaches.

He sometimes involves his mother in the puzzle solving. He further tells me that his parents are extremely happy with his improvement because of Cuemath.

“They’re really happy that I’m learning and enjoying at the same time, improving my performance every day.”

Getting the 1st rank in the Olympiad has become a habit for Aryaman and in spite of this, he told me that he likes to be on top of his game.

And how do you do that? I asked him,

“With the tab activities from Cuemath! My accuracy improved so much because of those games. I have been doing them for a long time and still get challenged and excited to start different levels.”

The different levels and badges achieved in the tab activities excite Aryaman as it would any other child.

Towards the end, Aryaman told me that if Cuemath was available for 9th and 10th grade, he would’ve definitely taken it up without a second thought.

“Right now, I’m even confident to attend my exams without preparing from my school notes. That’s what Cuemath has given me, confidence!” he says and signs off.

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