Math is the most valuable skill of the future


Jan 28 , 2021

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In a data rich world, math is the most valuable skill 

Increasingly jobs are being automated. This is true not just for blue collar jobs, but increasingly true for white collar jobs as well e.g. Financial trading or surgery or medical diagnostics. In the future the high paying jobs are more likely to involve determining what needs to be done rather than do it. And in a data rich world math is key to understanding and using the data.

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📥 Math is the most valuable skill of the future


Math is the most valuable skill of the future

Early Math skills are the best predictor of future career success 

Math is not just a subject. It is one of the most important skills to pick up early. Many studies including a study by the University of California, Berkeley have consistently suggested that Good early math skills are the most reliable indicators of future success. 

Greg Duncan from University of California commented “We found that only three of the school-entry measures predicted subsequent academic success: early reading, early math and attention skills, with early math skills being most consistently predictive,”

These studies confirm that Math skills which combine conceptual and procedural competencies are the most powerful predictor of subsequent achievement and attainment.

Math is not arithmetic; it is the language of problem solving 

Often Math is confused with Arithmetic. Math is much more than Arithmetic. Arithmetic or number operations is just one part of Math, one branch of Math. 

Math is much more. Topics like Albegra, Calculus, Probability, Set theory, Trigonometry, Number theory, Game theory and more are all a part of Math. By learning these topics we train the mind to think logically. Math is the language of thinking and problem solving.


Every Math problem involves context, determining the knowns and unknowns. Often they could be ill defined. In math, unlike arithmetic there could be many answers. Many answers like in the real world. And this is tested as “Aptitude” in later life in various exams. 

The best way to build “Aptitude” is through math puzzles and games. Which is why at Cuemath every kid is given a logical puzzle to solve every day. A puzzle a day helps build the aptitude your child will need a few years later. 

About Cuemath 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How will maths benefit you in the future ?

  • It gives us technique to predict future , quantify the relationship and to understand the patterens .
  • It gives us the sense that the world is interconnected.
  • Students can make sense of the world and can solve complex and real problems .

Examples of Math connection to daily life.

  • Managing Money.
  • Shopping.
  • Home Decorating and Remodeling.
  • Recreational Sports.
  • Cooking.

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New kind of Maths skills needed in future.

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