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Farida Syeda's Story

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“I always wanted to break the monotony and that inspired me to think in a different way.”

cuemath teacher with her students

Farida Syeda from Guwahati has been associated with Cuemath for almost 4 years and is known for her very unique teaching approach. She currently has 18 students at her Cuemath center who thoroughly enjoy her teaching style. “After summercamp,Iconducted a small math game-Treasure Hunt. I tried to relate it math and it worked out. I prepared about 5 / 6 questions, all story problems, made small groups and asked them to solve it to find the treasure which was sticker or pen”, Farida M’am shares an example of the many different strategies she tries to keep her students engaged. Farida M’am adds that the library has made it easier for the students to develop conceptual understanding as they like games, stories and activities.

math activity math activity She adds, “Currently, all my senior students are engaging well with my story problems and treasure hunt activity. Only two of the youngest students are quite left out. Because they are too young to comprehend Math with stories.” And this is where the most unique feature of her center comes in, the ‘Math Library’. She says, “Kids love stories. So I just thought of merging both story and math to make math more enjoyable.
math activity math activity  I have ‘The Greedy Triangle’, ‘One Grain of Rice’, ‘Math Curse’ etc. in my mini Math library. All these books explain math concepts in the form of stories. I’m currently making two of my youngest students (one in 1st grade and one in 2nd grade) to read these books every day so that it changes their perspective of math.” Her students are also fond of reasoning cards and wait eagerly to get their turn to explain their cards with their own stories.


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