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Puzzle time! Can you do these Mirror images questions?



Ever stood in front of a mirror and noticed how your movements are reflected in there? 

Track with your eyes how the mirror gives back a reflection exactly following your appearance and movements. 

Symmetric image formed by a plane mirror

There is a lot to learn from an image formed by a plane mirror. It gives us insights into imaging geometry and the line of reflection. This can lead to many interesting and tricky math mirror image questions. And what better way to learn them than maths riddles for kids?

Puzzle time! Can you do these Mirror images questions?-PDF

Math puzzles help children not only gain a deeper insight into mathematical concepts but also strengthen their critical thinking skills.

Keeping this in mind, we have designed a fun and engaging line of reflection puzzle that will help your child understand even tricky math in a fun way. Here is a downloadable PDF to explore more.

📥 Puzzle time! Can you do these Mirror images questions?-PDF


Also, try:

Rack your brain over this line of reflection puzzle!

What’s in store for you with this puzzle?

There’s plenty to takeaway by attempting this picture riddle. It involves the concept of lines of reflection, mirror images, and reflecting shapes. 

A mirror line or line of reflection is a line that is drawn onto a shape to show that both sides have exact symmetry about the line.


Symmetry and mirror image

In this blog, we will be focussed on the image formed by plane mirror. Since the line of reflection behaves exactly like a mirror, reflecting shapes and flipping them, that's why it is called a Mirror line. These lines are used in mathematics to teach the concept of reflections and symmetry.

Mirror and water images

To learn the concept of reflections and symmetry before attempting this, please visit:

In the given activity sheet, you are given a particular shape in one of the quadrants along with two mirror lines. You have to use these mirror lines in reflecting the shape in all the remaining quadrants.

What skills will this assist with?

Your child will learn reflection about x axis and reflection about y axis.

Go ahead and try the riddle sheet here: Riddle Question

Once solved, match it with the answer here: Riddle Answer


Did you successfully solve the mirror line riddle? 
Successful or not. You definitely had a learning experience.

Did you realize the importance of attempting such math puzzles?

Math puzzles enable children to visualize concepts and thus understand math concepts better and faster. In a way, math puzzles remove the tag of 'difficulty and boredom' from maths and make it fun and exciting even for the children who do not like math.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Riddles meaning in Hindi?

Riddles in Hindi are called “Paheliya” or “Paheliyan”. This means puzzles, riddles

Does every figure have a mirror line?

No, some figures have a horizontal line of symmetry and some have vertical. Some even have at various angles. But some figures might not have a mirror angle dividing them into symmetrical parts.

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