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Math is Saanvi’s favourite now!

Math is Saanvi’s favourite now!

November 5, 2016

cuemath parent and her child

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Ambika Nanda is the proud mother of Cuemath Student Saanvi Nanda. Although hesitant at first, she eventually began to see the immediate progress of her daughter with the Cuemath Program. Cuemath Teacher Neha Narang further assured the mother that Cuemath had only one vision, which was to make every child great at math!

Here is what Ambika wants other parents to understand in her own words.

“Saanvi is a grade 3 student who loves to dance and spends a lot of time on extra curriculum activities. She also loves maths and it is her favorite subject. She joined Cuemath because it really intrigued her. We were both aware that the Cuemath Program had a lot of activities and challenges which includes lots of puzzles.
As a parent, I was hesitant at first but I enrolled her with Cuemath because of her enthusiasm. Within one month of joining I saw some positive changes in her. Now, she is much more sharper and her mental maths has become brilliant. She is surprisingly very observant now.
Her Cuemath teacher, Neha’s approach with every child is different and as a result, none of the children get bored. They all enjoy and I could see the same zeal in Saanvi as I saw in other children.
The concept of Cuemath is not only different but also very interesting. I feel that the challenges that they give the kids are very exciting for them and they go on and on about the puzzles. The puzzle cards not only grab their attention but they bring about a smooth thinking process in the kids’ minds.

I’m surprised to see behavior change in Saanvi as well.  Cuemath is better than any other programs which are presently available for children of her age. The concept is very apt, keeping in mind that the child doesn’t feel any kind of burden and enjoys maths. I’m glad that I made Saanvi join Cuemath. After all, it was she who wanted to join in the first place.”

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