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Ranking of Objects

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24 August 2020

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Hello readers, in this blog we will discuss the topic ‘Ranking of an object’ or position of a person from left to right or top to bottom alignment. We shall also go through some examples.
So let’s get started!

What is Ranking?

Ranking is the arrangement of objects according to their position, or in the given order from left to right or top to bottom. It means that you give each object a rank or position with respect to a reference point. 

For example, a person is standing in a line. His position is 5th from the right.

How does ranking help in practical life?

Ranking helps us to locate a particular object/person from a group of them placed in a particular order.

Ranking is particularly useful in analyzing statistics where it is used to organize and identify data. Apart from ranking in statistics, it is useful for comparison of the positions of two or more different things or persons. 

It helps in arranging things or people in a particular order, and also helps in locating the position of the person standing in the queue.

Practical examples where ranking is used are: 

  • Comparing objects or people 
  • The rank of a matrix
  • Locating a particular thing or person, etc.

There are many types of official rankings, and often each tournament will have its own rules and regulations regarding the ranking system.

  •  Standard competition ranking
  •  Ordinal ranking
  •  Fractional ranking.
  1. Standard Competition Ranking (SCR)

            A ranking system in which the mathematical values that are equal are assigned an equal rank, and the next, lesser value is given the next highest rank.

  1. Ordinal Ranking

            A system of ordering where each mathematical value is given a particular position in a sequence of numbers where no positions are equal.

  1. Fractional Ranking

           The is a system of order in which the mathematical values that are equal are given the mean of the ranking positions.

How To Solve Ranking Problems?

Here, we have provided steps to solve problems based on ranking:

Steps to Solve:
Step 1: See carefully all items given in the figure.
Step 2: Identify if the question asks ordering from top to bottom or left to right.
Step 3: According to the question mark the top and bottom or left and right.
Step 4: Identify the position of an object/ a person from the left end or right end or from the top or bottom.
Step 5: Think and choose the right option.

Solved Examples

Example: Which teddy bear is to the immediate right of the third teddy bear?

teddy bear

(A) X

(B) Y

(C) W

(D) C

(B) Y


Example: If there was no ice-cream, what would be the position of the cup?


(A) 2nd from the right
(B) 5th from the right
(C) 5th from the left
(D) 4th from the left 

(B) 5th from the right


Example: Which number is eighth from the right?


(A) 6

(B) 13

(C) 9

(D) 12


(A) 6


Examples: If items O and P are removed from the given arrangement then the fourth item from the left end is _____.

household items

(A) O

(B) Q

(C) N

(D) R


(B) Q



Thus, ranking is useful in various fields, like job evaluation, in the exam system, analyzing, and ordering of the objects, etc. I hope that all your queries about the ranking system are satisfied.

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