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Meet Anushree Gupta- A Star student of Cuemath!

Anushree Gupta is a Cuemath student from Delhi. She’s a 6th grade student from  Ahlcon International School. Her exceptional problem solving skills, and understanding of concepts made clearing the 1st Round of the Cuemath Math Olympiad (CMO), 2019 a cake-walk for her.

Anushree is currently preparing to ace the final round of the Cuemath Math Olympiad.

We had the chance to catch up with Anushree, to know more about her secrets in acing the Cuemath Math Olympiad, 2019.

How was your overall experience with the exam?


My experience was challenging as the questions asked required deep understanding and clarity of concepts. In this Cuemath really helped me a lot. I was testing myself with speed as it was the first Olympiad that I took part in online.


What went into the preparations for CMO? 


I do my math gym daily which has helped me increase my speed. Plus the Cuemath worksheets, CMO practice materials helped me immensely to have an insight about the variety of questions that are asked in the Olympiad. 


How did Cuemath help you score high for CMO?


I am a part of Cuemath for the last 3 years. This has helped me have a deeper understanding of the topics paving way for a strong foundation. Cuemath is helping me become a logical and creative thinker with worksheets, tabs and puzzles. I love Cuemath very much as I have started loving ‘math’.

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