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Meet Arianna – A star Cuemath student who has published her own book!

Arianna is a true child prodigy hailing from Chennai. She’s been part of the Cuemath program since she was in KG, taught by our Cuemath Teacher Partner – Asha Muralidharan.

Arianna, now in 2nd grade, recently wrote her very own story on math titled ‘The boy and girl who loved math’ which has been published and is selling on Amazon already. 

We decided to catch up with this young writer to know her thoughts on math and what inspired her to write this story.

Why did you choose math as an inspiration for the story you wrote?

I was attending a Cuemath event where my teacher, Asha ma’am requested me to tell everyone a story, that’s when I came up with the story of two kids who fell in love with math. I developed a strong liking towards math thanks to my teacher’s efforts and the Cuemath curriculum. I guess that was the reason I wrote the story about math and its importance in daily life.

Did someone help you write this story, if yes how?

My parents helped me set the story up on an iPad and later publish it with the help of a publisher.

How did you feel when the book was finally published?

I couldn’t quite grasp the entire event of getting my own book published at first, but later when my parents explained how big of an achievement it actually is. I was very elated. 

Is writing your favourite hobby?

I love reading and writing.

What do you aspire to become when you grow up?

I want to be a chef as I love cooking or a lawyer like my parents. I think I’m too young to know for sure now.

How do you think math or Cuemath will help you achieve your dreams?

Math is required in everyday life. Math will help me develop problem-solving skills and will enhance my reasoning abilities. Irrespective of whether I become a chef or lawyer, I am going to benefit if I imbibe a mathematical mindset. 

Which was your favourite part of the Cuemath class, and why?

I loved it when Asha ma’am taught me subtraction with sweets. It was fun.

What advice would you like to give to kids just starting their Cuemath classes?

The faster you learn math, the better it is for you as it’s a necessity in everyday life. If you have a good foundation it will just get easier. 

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