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Meet Muhamed Naeem – A Star Student of Cuemath!

Muhamed Naeem is a Cuemath student from Chennai. He is in Grade V (Chennai Public School) and his love for mathematics is just ardent!

Apart from doing great at school-level mathematics, Naeem has cleared the 1st round of Cuemath Math Olympiad (CMO) and he is now making rapid strides towards acing the final round.

We had a chance to talk to Naeem about his big achievement and his experiences.

How was your overall experience with the exam ?

My overall experience with the exam was very good and quite challenging – though the questions were tough, I could utilize my problem-solving skills to arrive at correct solutions within the given time-frame.

Apart from this, I was motivated by the fact that my skills were being tested against those of others in real-time. I was under a bit of pressure for sure, but luckily, everything fell in order for me 🙂

What went in to the preparation for CMO ?

At Cuemath, I used to do my daily practice using the tab and worksheets. Along with that, frequent monitoring and assistance from my mentor helped me prepare for the CMO. It helped greatly that there was CMO-specific practice material that I could use to hone my skills and measure my progress. My mother helped me a lot and kept me going. One good thing was that my efforts towards CMO preparation were in line with the IMO.

How did Cuemath help you score high for CMO ?

Cuemath has helped me increase my accuracy and master problem solving skills. Also, I believe that Cuemath has helped me develop my lateral thinking abilities. My Cuemath teacher has taught me to craft and implement a methodical approach towards mathematical problem-solving. Certainly, I have gained immense confidence due to this.

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