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How did a student in Cuemath become a successful mathlete?


30th November 2020

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Praneet Lingamallu is a successful Cuemath student from Hyderabad. He’s an 8th-grade student from Rockwell International School. His exceptional problem-solving skills, and understanding of concepts made clearing the 1st Round of the Cuemath Math Olympiad (CMO), 2019 a cake-walk for him.

Praneet is currently preparing to ace the final round of the Cuemath Math Olympiad.

We had the chance to catch up with Praneet, to know more about his secrets in acing the Cuemath Math Olympiad, 2019.

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Interview with the successful mathlete Praneet Lingamallu

How was your overall experience with the exam?

I found the test to be moderately hard, however, if I hadn’t attended Cuemath, I can surely say that I would have found it to be considerably harder. The problem-solving skills, aptitude and reasoning abilities I gained thanks to attending Cuemath allowed me to complete what could’ve been a hard Olympiad in no time.

What went into the preparations for CMO?

To be honest, I didn’t need much preparation for the CMO. This was perhaps because I attended the Cuemath classes on a regular basis. It helped me brush up my aptitude and reasoning abilities which in turn helped me qualify for the final round of the Cuemath Math Olympiad.

How did Cuemath help you score high for CMO?

Being in Cuemath helped me a lot, by constantly challenging me and brushing up my problem-solving skills to be more ready for any and all. Honestly, simply attending regular Cuemath classes enabled me to reach the second level.

If there’s one piece of advice you could give to kids just starting their Cuemath classes, what would it be?

I would tell them to not be afraid or nervous. Cuemath’s personalized interface allows even those kids who perform poorly in school tests to do well in no time. Everything will be based on your skill, allowing you to learn at your pace, understand at your pace, and eventually, excel.

There will be no one who will pressurize you or burden you to do well immediately. Your CTP will always help you understand anything you don’t. So don’t worry about attending Cuemath, rather, just enjoy it.


In this blog, we will know about the mathlete Praneet Lingamallu who aced the 1st Round of the Cuemath Math Olympiad (CMO) successfully with his exceptional problem-solving skills, aptitude and reasoning abilities. Being in Cuemath, helped him a lot to find math connections in their surroundings and fall in love with the subject.

As a parent, you too can help your child become a successful Mathlete by giving them fun Math challenges and letting them see Math problems as a challenge. 

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