National Education Day Let Cue Riosity Lead Way

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‘Curiosity is the very basis of education, and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly.’– Arnold Edinborough


National Education Day is commemorated on the 11th of November each year in recognition of a movement started by Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad to raise awareness about the importance and commitment of the nation towards providing quality education for the citizens of India.

The real importance of education

While literacy plays a huge role in the overall development of an individual through better opportunities, collectively it is the nation that progresses. Therefore, the need of the hour is to help young minds learn and be well-equipped to guide the country towards significant growth.

How traditional teaching methods work

However, one must also focus on the way education is imparted across the country. Conventional teaching methods mostly focus on formulas and rote learning, which rarely nurtures the innate curiosity within children. Studies have shown that naturally curious children who understand the ‘Why’ behind the ‘What,’ learn better, and faster.

The conventional teaching method turns children into passive consumers of a broadcast. Such a system may work well for fact-based subjects such as History or Geography but proves to be ineffective when it comes to an essential life skill – Math.


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And what’s surprising is that in no single grade does the ability move up!

Are children losing their intelligence quotient year by year?

The data says so- It also says that this decline of ability with more education is starker for math compared to any other “subject.”

Math is about mental models. Math is about abstractions. Math is about algorithmic thinking. We are always doing the math to problem-solve, whether we’re aware of it or not. That’s why math is NOT a subject, but a life-skill.

We at Cuemath recognise math not as a subject that needs to be learned, but as a life skill that will help curious minds lead the way into the future.

Is the current education system REALLY preparing your child for the future?

You’ve so far segregated jobs broadly as ‘What’ jobs, knowing that the ‘Why’ is not essential. Even as you are reading this, a lot of jobs are being automated. Jobs that require complex skills like accounting and stock trading are already being taken care of machines and even better by AI tomorrow.

The computational “what” jobs will soon become obsolete, and only the “why” jobs will remain. Jobs that require critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills.

With this impending AI world, not being good at math will have real consequences. Math should be one of our nation’s priorities.

This National Education Day, let’s take the movement forward by taking a pledge to:

  • Teach children to think and reason, and not watch or memorize.
  • Teach children to converse in the language that’s math, and not just memorize facts in the math dictionary
  • Create a new generation of problem-solvers who’ll change the world!

    Come join the movement today!

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