The need to banish the school blackboard

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The need to banish the school blackboard

June 7, 2018

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The school blackboard is an integral part of the way in which math is taught in schools. It has been around for ages and has been used to educate generations of learners.

However, too much dependence on the school blackboard for imparting education has been found to be counterproductive. It is good for the dissemination of information that the students have to copy in the notebook but is not so good for teaching them the practical application and developing their creativity.

Problems associated with the school blackboard

When a school blackboard is used to teach math, the students have to pay attention to what is being written and often have to quickly copy it down. Otherwise, if the teacher rubs the school blackboard clean, they will miss out on copying the information that was written earlier. Paying constant attention to the blackboard leaves them with little time to think on their own. This does not allow their creativity to blossom.

There are some teachers who actively use the school blackboard to write down every information that they want the students to learn. This makes the classes very theoretical and often boring.

Benefits of banishing the School blackboard

With several new methods of teaching having been discovered in recent years, there is a strong possibility that the school blackboard may become a thing of the past very soon. There are many benefits of this.

  • The classes become more interactive: If the teacher and the students are not tied to the blackboard they tend to interact more amongst themselves. The students time to think independently and ask the teacher whenever they have a problem. Naturally, the glasses become much more engaging and informative.
  • Learning becomes more engaging:  Instead of using the blackboard the teachers can use various audio-visual media and fun games to conduct the classes. Already there is a rising trend of using interactive videos for teaching in many schools which the students are enjoying thoroughly.
  • Practical orientation:  Instead of using the school blackboard at all times the teachers can conduct various fun games and activities in the classes. This will make the students comfortable in applying the mathematical concepts practically and build their confidence significantly.

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