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Now, he enjoys solving math sums! By Neha Narang

Now, he enjoys solving math sums! By Neha Narang

July 26, 2016

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Avvya Aggarwal came to me with math difficulties. He is in standard 3 and in one of the most reputed schools in Delhi, Modern Barakhamba.

He enjoys going to school and learning new things. However, he used to be under-confident and uneasy while studying math. He is one student who enjoys doing math but his basics were not clear at all. Till class 2 he has been doing tables only till 4.

In other schools the tables till 15 were taught. His mother came to me with the concern of his marks going drastically down. I gave the child a Cuemath Benchmark Test and he scored just 30 marks in it. His concepts and logic were nowhere.

I assured his mother that I would take his math studies and will work on his basics so that he improves. His mother Mrs. Ritu Aggarwal enrolled Avvya with the Cuemath Program.

Avvya is a very reserved kid and doesn’t like to speak much. He was not able to communicate to me the issues he faced when doing math. It was quite difficult initially.

I started him off with the Cuemath worksheets and explained the concepts to him. Once he started doing the sheets there was no stoppping him! To my surprise, on his first day itself he completed around 5 sheets in one go. I could see him enjoying math so much!

Now he loves doing the math sums everyday and I was surprised that, the kid who was not able to do simple plus and minus sums in school is now working with me on division worksheets. I’m so blessed to see this kind of a change first-hand.

I am so proud to be a Cuemath teacher because i get to change the lives of many kids. I now realize how important it is to be an impact in today’s world.

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