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One year later, Hammad is in love with math

One year later, Hammad is in love with math

July 14, 2016

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Mrs. Noorie Ansari had scheduled to speak with me late in the afternoon because she said, that’s when she’s free from all other activities. Little did I know that it was because she was excited to talk about her son’s achievements and knew that late afternoons yield minimum distractions.

Hammad Khan, a cute little 1st standard boy from Bengaluru is winning over the hearts of all his teachers with his interest and enthusiasm in math. This is just the beginning for this wonderful boy.

“I was initially reluctant to enrol Hammad with Cuemath. I didn’t want to burden him with things because he was very young” Noorie said.

She explained that Cuemath teacher Gauri contacted her a few times but she was hesitant. Gauri Purohit’s son was the same age as Hammad and they were friends too.

“Gauri’s son used to tell Hammad about Cuemath and then Hammad was curious about the program.”

Noorie enrolled Hammad  for weekend classes with Cuemath teacher Gauri.

“This is where the story begins.” prompted Noorie.

Noorie accepted the fact that Hammad found it difficult to understand some of the basic concepts like ascending/descending order, number counting etc. She doesn’t even blame the school saying that, schools have only limited time to explain concepts.

She noticed that with Cuemath, Hammad was allowed to go at his own pace and because of this, his interest began to increase.

“My son never found the worksheets boring. Every sum was like a challenge to him. He enjoyed the tab activity because he felt that solving within a time limit was very exciting. Oh he wouldn’t stop talking about that!” Noorie laughs and explains.

So did Cuemath help him in school? I asked Noorie amidst all the positivity she gave out.

“Well, I must tell you clearly. In quarter 3 when I went for the PTA at Hammad’s school, his teachers were happy and they told me that his improvement in math especially in addition and subtraction surprised them.”

Noorie explained that she felt so happy and decided that Hammad will continue with Cuemath so that his basics are carefully covered when he is young itself. Then came the next surprise. In quarter 4, Noorie’s joy knew no bounds when she received Hammad’s report card.

“The report card had high marks, but this was not what made me happy. I’ll read out what exactly is written here;

‘Report card remarks: He has excelled in the mathematical concepts and enjoys solving division and two digits subtractions.’

This is what made me happy!”

So now that he has excelled, how does Hammad feel?

Noorie explains that he never used to like studying math earlier. But now he is ready and eager to go and learn math with Gauri ma’am. “He loves solving. Now even when I ask him questions he gives me answers in 5 minutes or so.”

Noorie explained that it was difficult to make a 5 year old child sit and study. Hammad is usually hyper energetic and studying was not something he wanted to do. However, with Cuemath, he is able to sit and devote time to it.

“The questions are designed so that the children want to do it.”

With that, we decided to wrap up our conversation and Noorie said

“One year with Cuemath has changed so much. I’m sure his decision and problem solving skills are in the making!”

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