Parenting tips: Don’t let your child’s exam stress you out!


The exam season can be stressful not just for the student studying for the exam but for the whole family as well. A child sitting for an exam can be a worrisome experience for any parent, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and powerless when it comes to helping their child through the exam season.

Here are some parenting tips to ensure you and your child remain calm throughout the exams:

  1. Know their exam schedule well before the exams

We understand you’re a busy parent, which is why planning well in advance helps keep the exam nerves in check. Ensure you have a copy of your child’s exam schedule printed out and pinned in front of you. This would help you plan for the exams with your child, including planning school drop-offs.

  1.  Create a proper ‘Study Environment’

A proper study environment is one of the most important parenting tips. Your child needs a calm and nurturing environment around them in order to be able to focus on their studies. If your child has study breaks running up to their exams, it helps if one of the parents is at home to ensure all their child’s needs are met and there are no external distractions preventing them from focusing on their revision.

  1. Avoid burdening them with your stress

We know you’re stressed and worried about your child’s exams, probably more than your child and that is perfectly normal. However, when the exam date nears, avoid venting in front of or directly at your child as it would only add to their stress and make them anxious. It is important to stay calm and supportive through this period for their well-being.

  1. Talk it out with their teacher or tutor

Talking to your child’s tutor or teacher can be a great way to understand your child’s performance in the class. The tutor can even let you know about the area’s your child is falling back on and give you exam tips on how to help your child cope up with the stress.

At Cuemath we ensure our teachers provide periodic evaluation reports to help you monitor your child’s progress and class performance better. Not just that we help your child understand the WHY behind the WHAT of math problems, ensuring they’re not overwhelmed before the exams.

  1. Keep any digital distractions away

Digital distractions like internet surfing or TV hours can hamper your child’s focus during exams. While it’s not advised to completely cut off TV time, keeping a certain level of restriction and restraint over your child’s digital habits can ensure they focus more on doing their best for the exams.

  1. Watch what your children eat

Nutrition is one of the key factors that determine your child’s physical and mental health. It’s a good parenting tip to include lots of healthy super-foods such as almonds, dates and vitamin-rich fruits to ensure your child gets all the energy they need to battle through the exams with laser-like focus. It’s also a good idea to help them avoid sugary as well as fatty foods such as chocolate, chips and cakes.

With the exams season rolling around- why stress when Cuemath is here? Cuemath is a beyond school math learning program helping your child understand the WHY behind the WHAT of math problems. With over 100+ math activities, 15000+ questions Cuemath ensures students are fully prepared for their exams!

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