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She’s a part-time teacher and earns a corporate salary.

She’s a part-time teacher and earns a corporate salary.

July 22, 2016

cuemath teacher

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The skill to teach was something Mrs. Usha Chervela always had in her. Even in her school days, she was always her friends’ teacher.

She began at the age of sixteen coaching a small class near her house and as she grew older, her love for imparting knowledge just seemed to grow;

“I’ve taught classes 9 and 10. I’ve also taught in a business school and now I’m a certified Cuemath teacher.”

Usha has always been a go-getter with a degree in Life Sciences, a PG degree in Information Systems Management, an MBA and an LLB! When probed about having so many qualifications, she calmly explains that academics was always her forte- essay writing, elocution, quizzes etc. always interested her and she did extremely well in them.

So is she still interested in studying?

“I am, but now I’m a home maker and my family gets all my attention. I have a herbal garden though, and I love that too!”

So how did Cuemath catch her attention?

“After moving back to India from the US, I wanted to continue teaching and tried to adopt various programs but most of them required commercial spaces to conduct classes. This was really inconvenient for me. Then there was Cuemath which had simple requirements like home based classes, a small batch of students etc. So I didn’t have to stress over paying rent every month to conduct the classes.

More than that, I was very comfortable when speaking to the company and found that investing into the Cuemath program is very affordable when compared to many other programs in the same league.”

As Usha speaks about how the Cuemath team supports her with information and material, I asked her about her family’s views on the program.

“My husband has been supportive since the beginning. He visited the Cuemath website and he was completely in line with the company’s vision. My own daughter enjoys Cuemath now. She used to dislike maths earlier but now she does it on her own, I don’t even have to remind her.”

So now that Usha has adopted Cuemath, how has her day changed?

“My day still remains the same, except that I have a bunch of enthusiastic children coming home to learn. The hours I need to devote are very comfortable. Also the limited number of students in a batch makes it very easy to assist each one of them.”

Apart from taking her own daughter as an example, Usha explains about one of her students in grade 5. He faced issues in solving problems in math and was otherwise very under confident in his approach to everything.

“He always questioned all the moves he made while answering questions and was unsure of every step, he always asked me doubts. After about a year with Cuemath, his mother came to me with joy saying that, more than anything else, her son’s confidence has improved a great deal. That made me feel proud to be a Cuemath teacher and bring a change in his life.”

cuemath teacher with her students

So what’s Usha’s favourite part of Cuemath?

“The way the program is designed is on top of the list! It’s been designed so easily for the children. I don’t need to stress too much over them understanding a question as such.”

We asked Usha to give us an idea about the scope of her job.

“As a home maker, I feel that if you’re looking for a job that gives you the freedom to work from home, gather your own batch of students and still earn an income on a par with a corporate job, Cuemath is the perfect choice for you.”

How do parents react to Cuemath?

“Well, most parents love the program when I tell them about it, and send their children to me. But there are still a few that worry about leaving the conventional methods. They ask me ‘Don’t you touch the textbook at all?’ It takes a while to convince them because I have to stress on the importance of conceptual learning and how mastering concepts will yield qualitative results. They also get convinced with at the success of the existing children.”

Usha ended the conversation saying that becoming a teacher with Cuemath has rewarded her with only fulfilling experiences.


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