The Pizza Equation


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3. The Pizza Equation
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30 September 2020

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In this blog, Gauri, a proud Cuemath student, explains a simple real-life problem and how we can make better decisions if we involve some math in our lives.

Area of circle

The following Pizza equation in this blog operates on a fundamental yet straightforward math concept, which is finding surface area. We will use the area of the circle in this blog to understand the pizza equation better.

Area of the circle comes very handy in math and is frequently applied in real-life situations. Whether you have to find the area of a cricket ground( considering it a circle) or find out how much grass can horse eat while tied to a post with a rope, you can use the area of circle to reach the answer.

Radius of circle

important notes to remember
Area of Circle= \(\pi r^2\)

The area of circle is given by the simple equation, \(\pi r^2\) where the value of pi can be taken as 3.14 or 22/7. Here, r represents the radius of the given circle. To know more about the area of a circle with simple to complex examples, Refer here.

The Pizza Equation

Everyone loves pizza and kids even more so. Can we relate this unique mouth-watering dish to a mathematical logic? 

Question: Would you order large pizza is 18 inches in diameter and regular pizza is 12 inches?

Let us go to Gauri, a Cuemath student, who will tell us how to do it:

Gauri, is 13 years old and Cuemath. Last Saturday, Surbhi who is a friend of Gauri, came to her house.

Since they both love pizza, Gauri mom said she would order pizza for both of us. She asked if she should order one large pizza or two regular pizzas.

I started thinking about which option will give us more pizza and started applying simple mathematical logic

A large pizza is 18 inches in diameter and regular pizza is 12 inches. So I started calculating the surface area of each pizza, that is, the Area of the circle \(=\pi x^2\).

Since we already know the diameter of the pizzas. The radius of the pizza will be r = diameter/2, which is 9 inches for the large pizza and 6 inches for the regular pizzas.

Pizza equation

Now let us find the area. According to the above formula, the area for 18 inches of pizza will be 254.5 square inches, and the area for 12 inches of pizza will be 113.1 square inches. So, the total area for two regular pizzas will be 226.2 squared inches.

As we can see, the area of two regular pizzas is still lesser than a large pizza. So I asked my mom to order from one large pizza. Surbhi and I shared it equally and also shared a slice with my mom.

Isn’t math so amazing? It always helps us make better decisions. I love Math!

important notes to remember
Therefore, one large pizza is bigger than two regular sized pizzas.

They develop strong mathematical logic and reasoning skills making them better problem-solvers for life.


Cuemath student Gauri gave a firsthand account of how a math foundation can help us make better decisions in life. Math skills are fundamental in every field of life. Also, it helps us get some extra pizza, and who wouldn't love some more pizza? 

At Cuemath, students not only build a robust mathematical logic, but they also show significant progress in their academics. Cuemath has highly trained teaching partners who make sure that students get maximum learning output, and they conduct personalized lessons according to each student's needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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2. How does Cuemath help a child who hates math?

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