The play way method of teaching math leads to engaged learning in children

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The play way method of teaching math leads to engaged learning in children

June 7, 2018

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Have you ever heard your child complain about how he / she finds math to be a boring subject?  If yes, then most of the times the child is not to be blamed. The theoretical way of teaching math that is presently followed in schools often makes math look boring and the children also develop a fear of it.

The best way to overcome this problem is to follow the play way method of teaching math, which is a lot more fun and engaging than the theoretical lessons. The play way method focuses on conducting activities which the children really enjoy. If you have not tried the play way method yet, then it is time that you take a serious look at it.

The Play Way method of teaching math has a lot of advantages over the traditional way in which school math is taught.

  1. Maintains child’s interest:  As mentioned already, the play way method includes a lot of fun activities that the students have to participate in. There is a plethora of such activities which the teachers conduct regularly. This helps in maintaining the interest of the children in the class since they always have something new to look forward to.
  2. More focused attention: The games and activities that are conducted require the children to think logically and also to apply their creativity. This helps in maintaining their focus in the class and their concentration levels improved significantly.
  3. Joyful learning: When children learn through the play way method, math no longer seems boring to them. The focus of the play way method is to keep the fun quotient high while delivering the essential math lessons. The students have a lot of fun in participating in these educational activities and they learn math seamlessly without being conscious that they are getting some serious learning.
  4. Eagerness to play more: Since the activities that are conducted are highly engaging and innovative, the students never get tired why learning math. They participate with a lot of in the classes and are always eager to play some more. Hence the math learning happens without the teacher having to force the math lessons on the students in any way.

The learning by doing approach with which Cuemath program has been designed closely follows the play way method. There are hundreds of activities which are included in the program to keep the students glued to the classes. It ensures that they learn math without feeling any pressure.

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