How to make children to show interest in math?


Jan 22, 2021

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Have you ever heard your child complain about how he/she finds math to be a boring subject?  If yes, then most of the time the child is not to be blamed.

The theoretical way of teaching math that is presently followed in schools often makes math look boring and the children also develop a fear of it.

The best way to overcome this problem is to follow the play way method of teaching math, which is a lot more fun and engaging than the theoretical lessons.

The play-way method focuses on conducting activities which the children really enjoy. If you have not tried the play way method yet, then it is time that you take a serious look at it.

Kid being exited about learning

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Encourage Problem Solving

Kid solving problems

Present kids with occasions to issue tackle and do their own math, in essence, request that they cut their sandwich into half or 4 squares or 2 triangles.

Allow them to work it out themselves. You will be astonished how a particularly basic movement will keep them drew in and edify them all the while.

Approach Mistakes with Encouragement

Teacher correcting the student

Kids who commit errors are bound to prevail over the individuals who never commit an error. Slip-ups are proof of attempting to approach these mistakes with consolation and not analysis. Keep in mind, a basic count for grown-ups can be trying for small kids. 

Play Board Games  

            Kid playing board games with his dad

Tabletop games are an intriguing method to show early Numeracy abilities. Number acknowledgment, tallying is frequently a piece of the tabletop games and could undoubtedly be learned while playing.

Use the correct jargon

At the point when we talk about all shapes and sizes, tall and short we are basically doing math. Youngsters can gain so much from the right language.

Make it into an 'I Spy' game and request that they recognize the tallest tree, greatest blossom, and littlest rock.

At the point when guardians utilize these words in their everyday schedule, kids get on to them and learn significant mathematic standards.

Number Match up

You don't generally require locally acquired worksheets to instruct math. Utilize plain paper and pen to compose numbers in a single segment and attract relating amount the other section. Allow your youngster to tally and match

Dice Numbers

Kids playing dice

Dice is an extraordinary gadget to begin educating tallying. With just six numbers, it is appropriate to lay the developmental base for numbers.

Roll the dice, check the spots resoundingly and compose the relating number. This is a particularly simple movement that connects numbers to evaluation.

Before you know it, your youngster would connect amount with numbers. As they develop, you can utilize two dices.

Body Part Counting

Kid showing his ears

Another very cool mathematical action for youngsters is body part checking. One nose, two ears, 3 digits in a finger, 4 adorable little milk teeth, 5 tubby fingers, etc.

Your little one will cherish tallying his/her body parts and become familiar with their names as well

Tickle Body math

This is actually a great numerical action to do with kids, particularly for more youthful ones. Start with their finger and measure their arm, utilizing your palm while checking 1, 2, and 3.

Let's assume it so anyone might hear "Your arm is 3 palms in length'" and as you arrive at their shoulder, stimulate them up! Allow them to do likewise to you

Advantages of having play method in math?

The Play Way method of teaching math has a lot of advantages over the traditional way in which school math is taught.

Maintains child’s interest

Kid being interesting

 As mentioned already, the play way method includes a lot of fun activities that the students have to participate in.

There are a plethora of such activities that the teachers conduct regularly. This helps in maintaining the interest of the children in the class since they always have something new to look forward to.

More focused attention

The games and activities that are conducted require the children to think logically and also to apply their creativity. This helps in maintaining their focus in the class and their concentration levels improved significantly.

Joyful learning

Kids learning with joy

When children learn through the play-way method, math no longer seems boring to them.

The focus of the play-way method is to keep the fun quotient high while delivering the essential math lessons.

The students have a lot of fun participating in these educational activities and they learn math seamlessly without being conscious that they are getting some serious learning.

Eagerness to play more

Since the activities that are conducted are highly engaging and innovative, the students never get tired why learning math.

They participate with a lot of in the classes and are always eager to play some more. Hence the math learning happens without the teacher having to force the math lessons on the students in any way.


In this blog, they mainly focus on how to involve the kid in math at a very young age and make them concentrate and what will be the advantages for kids to learn math in a fun way like games which are mentioned in the blog.

The learning by doing approach with which the Cuemath program has been designed closely follows the play way method. 

There are hundreds of activities that are included in the program to keep the students glued to the classes. It ensures that they learn math without feeling any pressure.

Playing with kids can be a fantastic learning and bonding experience with the child.

The increased interaction between parents and kids can help the parent explore the child’s worldview and build trust while making them let go of their professional commitments momentarily and enjoy the lighter side of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you learn maths in a fun way?  

  • Roll the dice. Dice can be used in so many different ways when it comes to matchplay math bingo.
  • Find fun ways to teach multiplication
  • Turn regular board games into math games.
  • Play War.
  • Go online.
  • Make your own deck of cards.
  • Make a recipe.

How can I be brilliant in maths?

  • Do all of the homework. Don't ever think of homework as a choice.
  • Fight not to miss class. 
  • Find a friend to be your study partner.
  • Establish a good relationship with the teacher.
  • Analyze and understand every mistake.
  • Get help fast.

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