Practice makes Perfect: How mock tests take your child closer to the perfect score.

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December 20, 2018

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We’re nearing that time of the year again-the exam season. The time when both children and parents are equally worried and stressed. While the word ‘exam’ seems like a pretty light word, a lot of children don’t quite know how to approach it head-on to achieve the results they want out of it. This leads to unnecessary panic, stress and forgetfulness when the D-day arrives.

Mock tests are a great way to help your child get the much needed, exam-like timed environment to help them be more prepared and aware of the situations they will face when the time finally comes. Mock tests can be considered as an extra life in a video game, it lets your child face their exam fears. More than anything the mock tests can be a great way for your child to learn, refine test-taking techniques and consolidate knowledge before the actual exam.


5 ways mocks test can help your child be on the path to achieving success

  1. Motivate your child to start revising

Mock tests help your child take exams with all its seriousness. Various international studies have shown that children tend to lose focus and procrastinate more when the exams are far off in the future. Having your child practice mock tests on a periodic or regular basis helps them understand the key focus areas and start their revision process early.


  1. Helps you can your child understand effective revision strategies

Your child’s revision technique will greatly vary form that of their peers. However, there are changes that your child should keep making in their revision techniques to make sure it’s effective.At Cuemath we understand that a math problem can have different ways to solve them. We help your child explore different solving methodologies to get to the best and most efficient one. When your child asks the ‘WHY’ they understand the math concept better and retain the information for a longer period of time.


  1. Mock tests help your child improve their knowledge

Mock tests are a great way for your child to test their knowledge on the subject or a particular concept. It allows them to understand and improve their ability to retain and understand information. In an independent learning technique study, researchers found that children who practiced mock tests before appearing for the final test performed better in their math exams than those who revised without taking any mock exams.


  1. Mock exams mimic an exam like environment

Mock tests and practice papers are usually timed and give your child the feeling of a real exam like situation. Exam stress and pressure can do funny things to your child, including creating a sense of dread leading to low confidence and sloppy mistakes during the exam, culminating to a poor exam performance. Mock tests can help your child prevent any unnecessary shocks and surprises that can take their confidence out for a spin, making them anxious and scared.


  1. Understanding conceptual focus areas

Practice tests help your child understand the key conceptual areas that need improvement. A mistake in a practise environment can uncover flaws in their understanding of concepts which can go a long way in saving marks. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine!

Mock exams can help act a guide to helping your child be better prepared for the exams. Cuemath helps students prepare better by helping them prepare better with over 15000+ workbook problems, 180+ puzzle cards, practice tests and mock exams to test their understanding on certain math concepts, thus preparing better for their math exams.


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