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So you thought the answer to the question was 20? We don’t blame you. A lot of us would think of the same answer.

Let’s revisit the question:

A snail is at the bottom of a 20m deep pit. Every morning, the snail climbs up 5m, before slipping down 4m at night. How many days will it take for the snail to come out of the pit?

snail and time puzzle

Most of us would say that by the end of 1 day, a snail would’ve climbed 1m (5-4). Therefore, to finish climbing the 20m pit, the snail would take 20 days. Unfortunately, this is the wrong logic.

If you ask a Cuemath student, he/she would answer it this way:

The snail goes up 1m a day because 5-4=1m.

In 15 days it ascends 15m.


However, on the 16th day, the snail would climb 5m and here’s the catch, it would actually climb out of the pit once it completes these 5m.

Therefore, the answer to the puzzle is 16 days.

Congratulations if you got the correct answer!

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