A demonstration of how students solve tricky math puzzles


23 September 2020

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Logical Reasoning Questions help the child to analyze the information provided, boost confidence in a child, and enhance their spatial skills.

Math puzzles help students to think out of the box and lead to Creative thinking which often helps to find the solution to daily life problems.

Tricky maths riddles for kids not only help children gain a deeper insight into mathematical concepts but also strengthen their critical thinking skills.

Tips to solve math puzzle

  • Break the tricky math puzzle
  • Interpret the meaning
  • Collect direct information
  • Arrange it in a tabular form
  • Some facts can be found from indirect information
  • Review all the possibilities

As the student progresses, the level of math riddles for kids are also upgraded.

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Here in the above video, Bhavana, a 13 year old student, explains to us how to solve a difficult puzzle, and similarly picture riddles, in a simpler way.

How about you try to solve math puzzle?

Problem Statement: A problem statement is a concise description of the problem. Students get a better picture of the questions or picture riddles. By writing a problem statement, you can force yourself to remain focused on answering a specific question at hand.

In the above video, Bhavana challenges our users to solve the given maths riddles for kids in 3 minutes.

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She takes a regular hexagon, drawing lines from each of its alternative side midpoints to form an equilateral triangle and creates a problem statement;

important notes to remember
How the area of the triangle compares to the area of the hexagon?  
What is the ratio of the Area of the triangle to the area of the hexagon?

ratio of hexagon and triangle in picture riddles

For detailed problem statement examples click here.

Problem-Solving Approach

Problem-solving skills can be defined as the ability to identify a problem, determine its cause, and figure out all possible solutions to solve the tricky math problem.

Benefits of learning problem-solving approach:

  • Promotes creative thinking and thinking outside the box
  • Improves decision-making abilities
  • Builds solid communication skills
  • Develop the ability to learn from mistakes and avoid the repetition of mistakes
important notes to remember
Problem Solving as an ability is a life skill desired by everyone, as it is essential to manage our day-to-day lives.”

Whether you are at home, school, or work, life throws us curve balls at every single step of the way.

Here in the above video, Bhuvana explains to us how to find the ratio between the area of triangle and hexagon without any algebraic expressions or concepts.

Since she’s in Class 7, she is not aware of the algebraic formulas of the area of hexagons. She is aware that the hexagon can be divided into 6 smaller triangles. 

Later, she draws a regular hexagon and joins the corners of the hexagon. Also, joining the alternative midpoints of the hexagon.


How to encourage problem-solving skills in kids?

  • By practicing problem-solving through games
  • By creating a safe environment for brainstorming
  • By inviting children to expand their learning capabilities

To know more about Problem solving approach click here.

Final Solution

In the video, you can see that the hexagon is further breakdown into many equilateral triangles through which we can prove side angle side congruence.

Similarly, the triangle formed from the Alternative side midpoints can be further broken down into smaller equilateral triangles.

hexagon and triangle trick math riddles for kids

The triangle and the hexagon, both are made up of smaller equilateral triangles. Here, the big triangle looks like it is made up of 9 smaller equilateral triangles, whereas the hexagon is made up of 24 smaller equilateral triangles.

Therefore, the ratio between their areas can be written as;

important notes to remember
9 triangles: 24 triangles

What is the ratio between the area of the rectangle to the area of the hexagon?
Answer: 9:24




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Why should I solve puzzles?

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How to get better at Math Puzzles?

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