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Puzzles For Kids: Interesting games for kids


28 January 2021

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A child’s brain is receptive to hundreds of different kinds of stimuli that help in learning about and adjusting to one’s environment, their attention span is extremely low, and they are always looking on to the next new thing that catches their eye and appeases their mind. 

We are living in a world of modern technology where the smartphones that fit comfortably in the palm of our hands can house such a vast amount of information that we couldn’t have ever imagined.

However, when it comes to our kids, technology can either be an enabler or it can have the complete opposite effect i.e make our kids hooked to them and ultimately hamper their cognitive skills and weaken their personal development. The amount of time little kids are spending in front of a screen is rising at an alarming rate, it has become virtually impossible to get kids off from screens which is a cause for concern for parents around the world.

And so it is important that every once in a while kids are made to detach from gadgets and exposed to different kinds of stimuli that increases their productivity and gets them into a routine. For a child, playtime is the thing they look forward to all day. And what could be a more perfect blend of learning and playing than puzzles? 

A puzzle is a perfect combination of fun and learning that keeps children captivated and engaged. We all know how quickly our new generation of kids grasp the nuances of technology. Be it your phone or your tablet, the kids know how to work their way around these gadgets.

In this article we will be discussing some of the greatest benefits of solving puzzles for your child, the kinds of skills your child can learn and adapt to and a list of exciting puzzles to help you get started.

Puzzles for Kids: Break Down Intimidating Concepts in an Entertaining Way

Here is a list of interesting puzzles for kids to keep them engaged - 

Block Puzzles

  • Block puzzles are one of the most classic puzzle games for kids games to play.
  • They increase the child’s cognitive flexibility and spatial skills.
  • All you have to do is fill in all the blocks according to their shape and size and Voila! Your child has successfully completed the puzzles.
  • Block puzzles can also be accessed as an online puzzle game for kids where once all the blocks are filled, they disappear and appears a new set of blocks for the child to solve.

Block Puzzles

Stacking Toys- How High Can You Go?

  • Stacking toys is another classic toy for infants and babies.
  • It significantly improves their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, the child has to pick up an item and put them into place like stacking rings.
  • It helps the child in developing spatial awareness and the variety of colours that pleases their senses.

Craft  Puzzles 

  • Craft puzzles are one of the most engaging puzzles for kids.
  • They can be used to engage kids of all age groups whether they are in kindergarten, preschool or primary school.
  • They are DIY and encourage the child to actively participate. An easy DIY craft puzzle can be a shape puzzle made out of cardboard.
  • All you have to do is make shapes you wish your child to learn about on the cardboard, use the leftover cardboard to cut out these shapes, use glitters and paints to colour them and encourage your toddler to match the cutouts to the shapes.
  • This activity is a great way to spend quality time with your toddler and develop their motor skills.

Craft Puzzles

Bunny Hop Memory Game 

  • The bunny hop is a fun game to sharpen your child’s memory. It helps kids to master colour recognition.
  • The child has to select a colour and take 5 bunnies only 3 of which can pop.
  • Place the bunny into the matching hole and roll the dice, if the bunny pops, the child gets to keep it.
  • The child must remember where he/she has placed the hopping bunnies.
  • It is a multiplayer and turn-based game.
  • The first person to collect a bunny of each colour wins!

Sentence Building Dominoes

  • Sentence building dominoes is an interesting game to help your child practice sentence building, It has 114 colour coded dominoes with various nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs and articles.
  • Based on the learning needs of the child, display a word and ask the child to use a noun, pronoun, conjunction, preposition, adverb or article to form a complete sentence.
  • The colour of the dominoes helps the child to remember which word lies in which category and improve their speech and sentence formation skills.

Word Search

  • Whether you are a teacher or a parent, word search puzzles are very effective when you are trying to develop an early vocabulary for kids.
  • They are printable and available online as well. Download or buy any word search puzzle according to your child’s interest.
  • Each quiz has a unique theme and 12 words and phrases for the child to identify.
  • It is a puzzle for kids with answers that can be found at the bottom of every page.

Sudoku Kids 

  • Sudoku promotes logical and critical thinking in kids.
  • It also increases their spatial awareness and the ability to recognize patterns.
  • Stat with a 3*3 grid. Explain to your child that the vertical and horizontal tiles need to be filled numerically, emphasizing that they can’t duplicate a number in a row.
  • As the child grasps the concept better, move on to 5*5 and 9*9 grids.

Printable Mazes

  • Printable mazes are such an effective way to get kids to sharpen their penmanship skills!
  • They work well with all age groups with knocky loops and unexpected dead ends always keep your child’s mind engrossed.

Crossword For Kids

  • Crossword is a word puzzle that is supremely helpful in improving the vocabulary and general knowledge of kids.
  • From shape names, food names to cartoon names, the child has to fill a numbered grid with clues at the bottom as soon as possible.
  • It is one of the many exciting puzzles for kids with answers to help them learn while having fun. 

Crosswords for kids

Scrabble Junior

  • Scrabble Junior is a kid version of the game Scrabble.
  • Kids as young as 4 or 5 can make words according to their level of understanding and match letter tiles to the words on the grid.
  • It is available in stores as well as websites that offer puzzle games online.

Word Scramble Worksheets

  • Word Scramble are printable worksheets wherein kids are asked to look at pictures and scrambled words and unscramble them.
  • They can be made online or bought from any bookstore and contain worksheets on a variety of themes 


  • Riddles are like brain teasers that puzzle your child’s mind. They are visual as well as verbal and probably the most easily accessible puzzles for kids with answers.
  • The child is shown an image or posed with a question where logic has to be used extensively as there are a plethora of answers to that situation and the correct answer is usually the most unexpected one.

Colour Of Each Word - How Fast Can You Say?

  • In this game, there are a set of words written in different colours and the child has to read out as many as they can in a short amount of time.
  • It requires a lot of quick thinking and concentration from the child’s end.

Matchstick Puzzles

  • A Matchstick puzzle is used to boost the Maths and IQ skills of kids.
  • By using matchsticks, simple equations are formed and the child learns to apply the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Rubik’s Cube

  • Rubik’s cube is an easy way to practice logic and problem-solving skills.
  • There are a hundred online tutorials on how to teach your child to solve the Rubik’s cube.
  • By constantly rearranging the cube to match the correct colour pattern, the child learns visualization, sharpens their memory and manual dexterity.

Rubik's Cube

Tic Tac Toe Wooden Set

  • A wooden Tic Tac Toe is an easy game to play that needs the application of simple logic and can be played by kids of all ages.
  • The game is played on a grid and there are two players X and O and the objective is to get 3 of their respective marks in a row to win. It is easy and engaging! 

Nancy Drew - Codes And Clues 

  • Nancy Drew Codes and Clues is one of the many puzzle games online to introduce basic concepts of coding while solving mystery games.
  • It focuses on promoting the kid’s detective skills.
  • The kids find hidden clues, choose disguises and also learn to program.
  • It is the most interesting tech lesson your kids will ever take!

Prodigy Math

  • Prodigy Math is a math gaming platform designed to help children learn maths through gaming.
  • The games are curriculum-based online puzzle games for kids of all ages where they can go on quests, earn prizes and compete with their friends!

Make Me Ten

  • Make me ten is a challenging puzzle game for kids regarding numbers.
  • It is available online where the child has to group numbers in such a way that they make the number ten. With each passing level, the game gets trickier and tougher.

Reverse Word Searches 

  • A reverse search puzzle is a word search puzzle that is solved in reverse!
  • The child is presented with a mostly empty grid and a list of words with just the first letter of a word placed in a random pattern.
  • Reverse word searches promote critical thinking and sharpen problem-solving abilities in kids.

Word Twist 

  • Word Twist is a word search puzzle with a twist, available in a hard copy at stores and printable online.
  • It is a mix of jumble words with a unique theme in common and the child has to unjumble them to make meaning.
  • It tests the child’s logic and vocabulary.

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Puzzles For Kids: Interesting games for kids



So if you are a parent struggling to keep your kids busy and engaged in an effective way, then puzzles for kids are a very good option to nurture your child’s problem-solving, physical, emotional as well as motor skills.

No two kids are alike and these games do not provide a substandard metric to measure your child’s potential. Instead, it offers a joyful experience that makes learning fun for both the child and his/her parents.

For kids, solving puzzles instils in them confidence and boosts their self-esteem. It is their first brush with independence by making meaning out of seemingly dissimilar patterns and numbers as they get prepared to face the variety of academic challenges coming their way in the future.

Puzzle-solving is a comprehensive experience. Kids learn how to cooperate with each other, share their ideas, wait to take turns, learn to work with the feeling of togetherness and enjoy a massive sense of accomplishment towards the end which is both educational and developmental.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some easy logic puzzles for my kids?

You can try indulging your child in some of these interesting logic puzzles for kids:

  • Tongue Teasers
  • Word Power
  • Cross Words
  • Spot the Difference
  • Mazes

2. What are some benefits of solving puzzles?

There are plenty of benefits you can reap by introducing your child to riddles, brainteasers, and puzzles. Some of them are:

  • Solving puzzles strengthen critical thinking skills
  • It promotes problem-solving and developing resilience
  • Puzzles help kids get a break from their busy schedules
  • They make difficult concepts easy and interesting

3. What is the benefit of math puzzles for kids?

Math puzzles are very helpful in breaking down difficult mathematical concepts for children. They promote lateral thinking, logical analysis, and help children learn to cope up with failure.

4. At what age should children be introduced to puzzles?

Children can be introduced to easy and simple puzzles only when they are just one year old. You can transition to more advanced versions of puzzles with time to help your child become mentally more active.

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