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Ram finally conquered math with Cuemath and loves it

Ram finally conquered math with Cuemath and loves it

February 13, 2017

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How many children today love math? Not many.

On one hand, there are a few children who are able to comprehend its beauty on their own. This brings them to love math. On the other, there are children who believe that low scores define their ability and therefore hate it.

Experienced mathematicians say with conviction that, one needs to only kindle the spark for math within a child. If done the right way, everybody can love it!

This is exactly what happened with Ram Raghav Sharma.

Although Ram’s mother Jagrati was never a believer in test scores, she often felt that somewhere, Ram had muddled up his math concepts. She, like every other parent was worried that her son’s logical ability might actually diminish as the years passed. She wanted and was earnestly looking for a way to help him improve his basics.

She was invited for a Cuemath Quiz with her son by Gauri Purohit, an established Cuemath Teacher from Bangalore. Both mother and son were amazed at the questions asked during the quiz because, as Ram recalled, none of them were formula based questions. Instead, they were related to everyday math and he found them exceptionally intriguing and solvable.

Jagrati was also happy with the outcome of the Cuemath Quiz and was extremely pleased when Ram himself insisted that he wanted to enrol with Cuemath. His teacher Gauri, welcomed him with open arms and did not for once let him believe that he was weak.

After a few months with Cuemath, Ram’s performance increased drastically in school and he developed more clarity on the concepts. His mother was beyond happy and said,

“In school, he never got more than 65 in math. But now, in the previous exam, he scored 78/80.

Cuemath has motivated him so much that now he’s focussing on clearing all those muddled up concepts.”

Jagrati also explains that her son has been very happy going for the Cuemath classes from day 1. The worksheets and tabs have made him believe that practise is the key without which one cannot try and be good at math.

“The puzzle cards are one of MY favourite components because he brings them home and we begin solving the puzzles together!” says the proud mother.

Jagrati concludes by saying “Mathematics is dreaded by so many children today. This is because they don’t know how to use it in their lives. My son has improved so much in math not just because he understands the concepts but also because he knows the application of these concepts.

I highly recommend Cuemath!”

This is just one of the many amazing stories of students beginning to love math after Cuemath.

By explaining the why behind the concepts in math, Cuemath ensures that every student understands it and learns to use it effectively in their daily lives.

After all, isn’t it more effective to explain to a child rather than dictate?

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