Safeguard yourself from Coronavirus with the Power of 2

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In view of the recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus- COVID 19, we would like to share some preventive measures you could follow to stay safe at your home.

1.  Coronavirus spreads by contact with Droplets, not through Air.

  • The main thing to understand is that COVID-19 does not spread via air. It is NOT an airborne virus. WHO report from China says “transmission in the air over long distances is not one of the main causes of spread”. 
  • Rather it spreads through droplets expelled through sneezing and contact like handshakes, sharing of food, etc. According to the WHO report on findings in China  (78-85%) of infection was within the family by droplets. It can also spread through surfaces contaminated by droplets from an infected person.
  • Spreads when the precautions were not taken: The same WHO report says “Most of the 2,055 infected hospital workers were either infected at home or in the early phase of the outbreak in Wuhan when hospital safeguards were not raised yet.”

2.  What are the Symptoms of the Coronavirus?

  • The most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, exhaustion, expectoration of mucus while coughing, shortness of breath, sore throat, headaches, muscle aches, chills. Less common symptoms also include nausea and vomiting, stuffy nose and diarrhea. Running nose is not a symptom.

3.  Young people, especially kids seem to be less impacted, older people more impacted.

  • Age is a major factor;  to quote a WHO report on China findings. The younger you are, the less likely you are to be infected and the less likely you are to fall seriously ill if you do get infected, presumably because your immunity is stronger. Pre-existing conditions can cause further complications.
  • Infected persons without a relevant previous illness died in 1.4% of cases. The fatality rate for those infected with pre-existing cardiovascular disease in China was 13.2%. So, if you or your family members are especially at risk please take every extra care. 

Here’s a table to help you understand the risk factor in pre-existing conditions.

Table 1: Age-wise: China Stats from WHO report

Age % of population % of infected Fatality
0-9 12.0% 0.9% 0 as of now
10-19 11.6% 1.2% 0.2%
20-29 13.5% 8.1% 0.2%
30-39 15.6% 17.0% 0.2%
40-49 15.6% 19.2% 0.4%
50-59 15.0% 22.4% 1.3%
60-69 10.4% 19.2% 3.6%
70-79 4.7% 8.8% 8.0%
80+ 1.8% 3.2% 14.8%

Here are some precautionary measures. Speaking in terms of numbers- it is all about the power of 2. Before we get to 2 here’s the most important No 1 piece of advice. 

Please follow all the advisory from local authorities.
They know what is happening in their area the best.

We can fight against Coronavirus 2gether!

 2 Minutes a Day:

  • Wash hands with a SOAP (4-5 times a day)
  • Each wash should be a minimum of 20 seconds: 20 seconds is a much longer time than what we are used to.
  • Count to 20, slowly after you have applied soap on your hands, or sing happy birthday to you, twice. Less than 20 seconds is not effective. 
  • 5 times a day, 20-30 seconds each is 2 minutes. The most important 2 minutes a day.

 2 Minutes to Dry:

  • If you are using a sanitizer, make sure it is 60% plus alcohol.
  • Allow the sanitizer to dry off for 2 minutes.
  • Do not wipe the sanitizer from your hands.

 2 Folded Hands:

  • Avoid shaking hands with people.
  • Replace a handshake with a namaste or an elbow bump.
  • This ensures the chances of infection traveling are minimized.

 2 meters Away:

  • Stay a minimum of 2 meters away from the person who is coughing or Sneezing. 
  • Give the person a mask to sneeze /cough into it, and if a mask is not available into paper and discards it. 
  • Insist on it if others around you are not following it.

 2 Tablets a day to Build Immunity:

  • Ensure your immune system is strengthened
  • Build immunity with Multivitamins, Vitamin D and Zinc tablets.
  • Google for a blog post by Dr. Richard Maurer for more details.

 2 Times a day:

  • Wipe and clean common area surfaces regularly common area surfaces like doorknobs tables etc.
  • Clean with soap water or with 60% plus alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Viruses can last up to 24 hours on these objects.

 2 feet away:

  • Keep your hands 2 feet away from your face at all times.
  • Don’t allow your hands to touch your face, nose or mouth.
  • This is difficult, especially for children.
  • Please point out to others when they do it. This will help build awareness.

And lastly, If you are sick or someone in your family is sick or a child is sick please do consult a doctor. Remember to take these precautions as people who are infected may not show any symptoms, but they are still infectious. Seek medical advice immediately if you are sick. By following the above simple measures, one can stay unaffected by the coronavirus. Keep in mind the power of 2.

  1.  2 minutes a Day
  2.  2 minutes to Dry
  3.  2 Folded Hands
  4.  2 Tablets a Day
  5.  2 Times a Day
  6.  2 Meters away
  7.  2 Feet away

We are in this 2gether!

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This article was written based on publicly available information as of 11th March 2020. Please follow the advice of health professionals and local authorities.

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