What Makes You a Good Teacher?


Jan 27 2021

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Teaching is a noble profession, but some questions about teachers always strike in our minds- Who is a good teacher? How to be a good teacher? What are the characteristics of a good teacher? So, in this article, we will try to help you find out what qualities make an excellent teacher.

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What are the most important qualities of a good teacher?

Let's find out what makes a good teacher and the characteristics of a good teacher:-

  1. Good teachers have excellent communication skills

Teacher communicating with kids

A strong connection between the students and teachers can make teaching highly effective in the classroom. In order to make this connection strong, a teacher should possess excellent communication skills and build active communication with all the students right from the beginning of the class.

  1. A good teacher must be a good listener too

Teacher listening to kids

Teaching is a two-way process. Excellent communication skills do not work if a teacher fails to listen to their students. In classroom teaching, a teacher must try to ask students' opinions regarding any relevant subject matter.

  1. A good teacher has a flexible nature 

Teacher having flexible nature

For effective teaching, a teacher must have a flexible nature. They must adjust their teaching techniques with the students' age based on the curriculum, requirements, and practices and aim to engage students in the class.

  1. A good teacher must have a charming personality

teacher with charming personality

An ideal teacher must have a charming personality. For every student, the teacher is their ideal. A teacher with an arrogant or rude nature can never impress a student, so a teacher must be humorous, creative, and possess a powerful classroom presence.

  1. Patience is the key to being a good teacher

Teacher having patience towards each kid and correcting mistakes

When you work as a teacher, your patience level will always be tested. To manage a classroom of various students, communicating with colleagues, and keeping up with class schedules, patience is one of the most important key characteristics for a teacher.

  1. Being kind is the sign of a good teacher 

A teacher should always try to understand every student's insights and be kind enough to understand their lives. By doing this a teacher can easily get an idea of what's going on in their students’ lives.

  1. A good teacher shares their practical experiences in a classroom

A teaching job is very challenging. The same type of classroom teaching method may become boring for students after a while. Teachers must aim at students' engagement in a class. In order to do that they must share their knowledge and practical experiences and try to experiment with various methods of communication with their students to make the learning process for their students interesting. 

  1. A teacher is a lifelong learner

Learning has no boundaries. And a good teacher is always dedicated to lifelong learning. A question may always come to a teacher's mind about what makes a good teacher? To become a great teacher, they always believe in more learning in their subject area or exploring new methods.

  1. A good teacher gives importance to effective teaching

The teachers who use effective teaching techniques in the classroom are excellent. Teaching must be different for various age groups of students to ensure maximum student engagement. School students love to learn through teaching tools, and the master's degree students love to learn through using projectors.

  1. A good teacher follows discipline always 

Good teachers always follow discipline in a classroom. They come to the class on time, prepare all the lessons well, and deliver lectures to the students with full concentration.

  1. A good teacher gives equal importance to all the students

Who is a good teacher? How to be a good teacher? All students are different, they come from different backgrounds and have unique qualities, therefore a teacher who gives importance to each student individually makes a good teacher. They never compare students with each other and try to help everyone to achieve their dream.

  1. A good teacher prepares lesson plans to teach the students

An efficient teacher tries to teach in a class by following meticulously prepared lesson plans. Using a lesson plan ensures consistency in one’s teaching process.

  1. A good teacher shows concern for their students

Showing sympathy and concern for a student and trying to solve their problem is one of the best qualities of a good teacher. Some introverted students need special attention and empathy from their teachers to open up about their academic-related and other life problems.

  1. A good teacher communicates with parents frequently

A good and dedicated teacher communicates with the parents of their students and tries to answer all the queries of doting parents and shares the progress report with them.

  1. A good teacher builds confidence within a student

To answer what makes a good teacher, one can say building confidence within a student can make a teacher great. It seems students lose hope often, so a teacher has to boost their confidence at every step of their life.

  1. A good teacher aims at goal-oriented teaching

Teaching must be goal-oriented. An excellent teacher always aims at goal-oriented teaching. They may choose to give practical examples to get the concentration of the students.

  1. A good teacher directs proper seating arrangement in a classroom

Elementary school students, once seated comfortably, can only learn with full concentration. So, a teacher has to direct proper seating arrangements in a classroom.

  1. A good teacher can raise hope within a student

There are innumerable dreams of every student. An excellent teacher is able to raise their dreams of hope toward success by words of motivation.

  1. A good teacher shows a friendly attitude towards the students

An inspiring teacher's nature must be friendly towards their students. If you are thinking about what makes a good teacher, then this is also one of the prime attributes of a great teacher.

  1. The dedication towards teaching makes a teacher great

This hardworking profession needs lots of dedication and perseverance. All the students in a class are different; their behaviors, learning skills all are different too. So, a teacher must put lots of effort and dedication into goal-oriented teaching.

How to Make Your Class More Productive

Here’s a list of the signs that you can look for and take care of, to make your classes more productive and enjoyable.

1. You prepare in advance for your class

Teacher preparing before

It’s not very difficult for a child to read the textbook and understand what is being explained there. However, in order to make use of these concepts, in reality, they will turn to you. A well-prepared teacher knows exactly how to deliver abstract concepts. When you give your students real-life examples of a particular concept, they will understand the concepts more clearly.

Preparing for a class does not just include making notes, but also keeping the classroom-ready and free from distraction.

2. You are approachable

Teacher who is confident

When your students begin to ask you more questions confidently, it is an indication that they are comfortable with you. Encourage your students to clear their doubts with you and spend time to help them out. This way, even the shy students in your class will begin to speak up and you would have created an atmosphere of trust and friendship in your class.

3. You make your classes interesting

Teacher making class interesting

When you make an effort to make your classes interesting, either by introducing games or quizzes, etc. your students will begin to look forward to your classes. Learning should be enjoyable and you can make this happen by introducing various learning tools in your class. Your students will then understand learning something new the right way will have better results.

4. You help them make decisions

Teacher making decisions

Children enjoy the freedom to make their own decisions. It makes them feel like adults. As a teacher, instead of spoon-feeding them with answers, guide them and help them decide, say, whether two numbers need to be added or multiplied. It may be a small thing but it goes a long way in helping them build their skills in handling problems.

5. You practice patience during class

Handling your classes calmly and helping your students understand what they find difficult will give them an idea of how patient you are. Your students will begin to trust you and open up to you with the difficulties they might be facing.

Of course, it’s not easy to carry a happy demeanor throughout the day. A teacher sacrifices her personal emotions for the benefit of her class. That’s why teaching is considered to be a noble profession and only a handful of great teachers exist.

6. Parents get in touch with you

When your students’ parents keep you updated with their progress through school, college, and beyond, it’s a sign that you’ve made a lasting impression not just on that student but on the entire family.

The next time you have a class, plan well in advance and like Cuemath teachers, work with your students to create a positive learning environment, and become a friend to them. This will give you the opportunity to become their favorite teacher.


Teaching jobs are very challenging and demanding at the same time. To get an idea of 'What makes a good teacher', we have highlighted some important qualities of a good teacher in this article.

If you wish to know more about the teaching profession and the qualities of a good teacher or if you have any queries feel free to comment down here. 

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