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The end of a school year is always a time a to rejoice. One more full year of learning is done, books and teachers are bid adieu and kids get to enjoy their year-end holidays in complete freedom. No wonder, getting back to the schedule of a new academic year can seem not too much fun. But there is actually a lot to look forward to!

Remind your children of all the reasons why going back to school can be exciting.

1. New Everything
A new school year starts with a literal clean slate. Your child gets new clothes, new school supplies, new bag, new books, or even a new school. It’s a great chance to reinvent oneself and work on new year resolutions.

2. More Privileges
A new academic year means one step closer to graduation. Children love to feel “grown-up” and usually get excited by the thought of more privileges like school trips or more responsibilities at home and school.

3. Fostering New (and Old) Friendships
You can of course meet your friends during the holidays, but it’s not the same as meeting them back at school. New kids in class, and old BFFs will unite and it’s sure to be exciting. Each year brings its own set of new adventures and new places for kids to explore.

4. New Subjects and Teachers
Was there some subject (or teacher) your child disliked? Voila! It’s gone. While he or she may have some teachers who would be sorely missed, you can always look forward to someone even better in the new year.

5. Sports and Other Extra-Curricular Fun
School after all isn’t just about sitting in a classroom. Your child should be excited to try out for all the sports teams they fancy, or start on the book-club, science-club, dramatics, arts or whichever other exciting extra-curricular activity their heart desires. There’s always something fun to do and someone to hang out with at school.

You can amp up the excitement level by reading books together about going back-to-school and sharing stories from your own childhood about your favourite things about the new year. Remind your children that end of the holidays can actually be quite exciting.

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