9 Actionable Strategies To Increase Student Engagement


19 November 2020

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Are you struggling to keep the students' attention intact throughout the class?

With the digital devices floating all around us, the attention span and focus of students have decreased.

The older method of the teacher just coming to class and delivering a lecture on a certain topic doesn't work anymore.

With innovation driving almost every activity on the planet, you need to innovate your teaching method too.

A little bit of effort and innovation from your side can yield surprisingly good results.

The positive relationship between a teacher and students is cited as being the most useful parameter in student engagement.

In this article, you will go through some practical and actionable strategies that you can use to drive up students' engagement in the classroom without a lot of effort.

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Actionable Strategies To Increase Student Engagement


Actionable strategies to promote student engagement


1. Developing the child’s social skills

Encourage classroom discussions and be friendly to students. Teach them about various social and classroom manners.

Tell them that the first step to learning is being curious and asking questions. The more questions they ask the more they will learn.

Make them comfortable in class so that they can come to you without any hesitation and share their views and ideas.

2. Data collection

Understand the children by collecting data about their likes and dislikes. By collecting this data, you can instantly refer and make decisions about class projects and assessments.

It will provide a detailed picture of each student’s interests and skills. The popular interests can be used to design more engaging tests and assignments.

3. Keep your classroom layout flexible

In order to keep the creativity flowing between these learning setups, the critical factor is to keep your classroom layout adaptable and easily reorganized.

Feel free to experiment with different seating arrangements, but always make sure that your classroom is set up to accommodate a range of learning activities and work styles.

When you feel something is not working, you may quickly change to a new setup. This will also act as a surprise factor for students.

4. Motivational quotes and stickers for students

You can paste motivational quotes and pictures in the classroom. Also, put up the posters of some famous motivational personalities according to students' interests.

When you feel the students are getting demotivated or bored, you can use those posters to motivate them.

don't be the same be better motivational quote

If students give the right answer to your question, motivate them by giving a round of applause for showing interest in the class.

Also, we have compiled a list of motivational quotes, you can read 70 Powerful Motivational Quotes for Student's Success.

5. Fun classroom activities

Engage the students with different games and activities where they can learn by having fun.

You can keep these activities subject-related or even purely fun related to relax the students.

students performing fun art and craft activities in classroom

If you want to check out what activities to perform in class, read Education with Fun Activities for Kids

6. Incorporate student choice in the classroom

Let students choose the topic, ask the questions, decide the content, pick the materials & resources.

You can give students some options on how to achieve their learning objectives.

Many teachers offer their students “Choice Boards,” allowing them to tailor their learning activities according to individual preferences.

This will surely increase student engagement and make them more responsible as they are the ones making their own choices.

7. Teach them specific topics through Math manipulatives and videos.

Integrate videos and Math manipulatives based on the topics being taught in the class.

In the digital age, children find it more convenient to learn through interactive videos and activities than traditional blackboard classrooms.

 Students will be more motivated to access videos and manipulatives and this will help them to understand the concepts better.

teacher using interactive video to promote student engagement in classroom

If you want to know why videos and visuals are great for students, read Why is visual mathematics great for your child?

8. Establish high expectations and establish clear goals

Daily learning goals should be defined and be pasted in the class in written form. It should be clear to all the students and referenced daily.

Establishing the “goal of the day” at the beginning of the class gives students a purpose for their learning.

Also, Engage students and their parents in some activities related to that topic at home by assigning a few assessments of their choice. This way learning will not remain limited to the classroom.

9. Promote a growth mindset over a fixed mindset

Learners with a growth mindset are indeed more motivated to work hard. Tell students to know the 'why' behind every concept. 

You should encourage students and not scold them when they make a mistake. Tell them that mistakes are the stepping stones for a successful career.

Read Practical ways for developing the Growth Mindset.


In this article, you learned about various steps you can take to make the classroom more interesting. You can even start using them in your virtual classroom for the time being.

Student engagement and motivation will help students like the subject and increase their affection towards it.

You can motivate and nurture students to love the subject and clear their concepts through activities and pictorial ideas.

The young generation now is interested in learning new things and methods and also creating their own opportunities. You should encourage and support them in whatever way you can.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some strategies to promote student engagement?

  • Make students comfortable and build a positive relationship
  • Encourage them to ask questions
  • Use Interactive videos and math manipulatives
  • Design the tests and assignments around their interests
  • Paste motivational quotes and posters in the classroom
  • Organize fun activities.

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