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Student Transformations-Power of Infinity

Student Transformations-Power of Infinity

January 25, 2019

Student Transformations-Power of Infinity

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

                                   -Nelson Mandela

Good teachers not only teach, they inspire. Our teacher partners have developed so many young minds and have witnessed their growth, first hand. Here’s what they have to say about their star student’s transformations-

Mamta Jain was an electronics and telecommunication engineer for eight years. However, while tutoring her son, she realized that teaching was her calling. Now, Mamta has been transforming young minds and helping them fall in love with math. This is what she has to say about one of her students, Myra:

"Myra joined my class as a K grade student in April 2018. During classes, I realized that she was unable to read or write numbers correctly. She could not recollect number names either.  I was in a huge dilemma. After a discussion with her parents, I agreed to enroll her in the Cuemath program for a month and then take it from there. I started out by teaching her the basics-number names, days of the week, etc. She used to take these notes in a separate book to practice. In just 7 short months, her transformation has been phenomenal. I feel like the credit goes to the workbooks-they’re visually appealing and super engaging! She has completed all her grade worksheets. Not only has her reading accuracy greatly improved, but she can also write and calculate with ease. She comes to class bursting with energy and aims at completing one module every week!"

Mamta Jain, Mumbai

Lalitha Venkataraman was first introduced to Cuemath when she attended a center launch event. She found the Cuemath teaching methodology unique and interesting. As the existing centers were very far away from where she lived, she decided to start her own with her daughter as the first student. Through her journey as a Cuemath teacher partner, she has helped so many students achieve their best and developed mathematical mindsets of our future! This is what she has to say about Aryasi, her Cuemath student:

"When Aryasi first joined my center, she would ask for help in EVERY question. Her concepts were unclear and she would often hesitate while writing down her answers. She has been with me for a year now, and after continuous cue-ing, I’m happy to see that she is now confident to attempt her workbooks independently. The tab-based exercises and reasoning cards have played a huge part in this transformation. Her understanding of concepts has vastly improved and even when she has a doubt, she manages to understand it even when I’m just halfway through my explanation. She has become so confident that she enrolled herself for the Math Olympiad without any push from her parents. Aryasi is even able to solve questions from ‘Time’, which is a relatively hard concept for a 2nd grade student. To see her transform has been truly inspiring. I’m so proud that I could play a part in her transformation journey."

Lalitha Venkataraman, Pune

Swati Gupta has been a part of the Cuemath family for two years now. As a child, she herself faced anxiety and several challenges while studying math. With continuous practice, she came to love the subject. When Swati came across the Cuemath methodology, she knew this was exactly what she wanted to be a part of. In her years as a Cuemath teacher partner, she has established herself as an effective educator. She can interpret behavioral challenges faced by her students and thus modifies her teaching style to ensure the best possible learning outcomes. Here’s what Swati has to say about one of her star students:

"When Aakriti first joined my center, she was really struggling with math. After 2-3 sessions, there was a marked improvement in not only her grades but also her overall attitude towards math. Aakriti dedication attributed heavily in this change and she started loving math. I observed massive improvement in her confidence as well. Her parent’s attitude also became more positive and motivating as they observed this change in her. Her brother Akshat also enrolled in my center and is doing great as well! I want to thank Cuemath for the multiple training sessions organised as they helped me hone my skills and enabled me to become a better educator."

-Swati Gupta, Kolkata

We at Cuemath, understand the fact that every child is different and has a different learning curve. Our teachers are trained to match up to your child’s learning pace, allowing them to understand mathematical concepts as life skills that can be applied rather than as a subject. Our beyond school math learning program helps your child understand the WHY behind the WHAT of math concepts, cue-ing them to reach logical mathematical solutions on their own.

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