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29 September 2020

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Children of the 21st century will be more skilled than the previous generations. And considering how smart they already are, they will grow to become smarter.

At Cuemath, we have predicted the skills and methodology to train future generations. And our prediction says that kids of tomorrow will be the problem-solvers..and the essential skills they need to acquire will not be only for competence, but also for intuition.

And with this thought in mind, our methodology of teaching has also been created. 

learning math cuemath way

Math and coding are languages of thinking. Not just restricted to learning in schools, these skills are for life! Both of these would be core competencies for future students that will enable them to solve problems.

We teach Math in a way that it becomes a superpower. After learning with Cuemath, our students are empowered to use Math & Coding skills in their everyday life.

This is why we at Cuemath follow the philosophy of Cueing our students to go in the right direction rather than spoon-feeding them. 

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The Cuemath Way of learning

Cuemath has a unique way and methodology of teaching. Different from how knowledge is imparted in schools, our teachers:

  • Cueing & not telling the answers directly - Students with Cuemath have to actively figure out concepts themselves, by solving a calibrated sequence of problems. After all, what is better than self-learning!

  • 1-on-1 Personalised Classes - Children learn faster when they feel free to ask questions and get complete attention from their teachers. A dedicated student-teacher learning experience is far better for a child’s learning. And you will start seeing results in no time!

  • Interactive Simulations - Learning enhances when a student is able to visualize the problem and solution rather than just reading it out. Studies show that when students visualize concepts, they understand and never forget them.

  • Certified Tutors - One of the most important elements of teaching the ‘Cuemath Way’ is our super teachers that impart knowledge. Did you know that only 1 in 10 tutors gets selected after rigorous rounds of testing & demo sessions? We only want the best of the teachers to be training your children, and leave no stone unturned. Our teachers are tested for empathy, learning, and patience to handle children with different demographics and learning speed. 

math learning at cuemath

Cuemath Principles at the Backbone of Our Teaching

At the core of the Cuemath method, is the principle of explaining the ‘Why before the What’. While Math is most commonly taught as a series of rules and steps, if there isn't enough to engage the student, it leads to Math being perceived as tough or boring.

In this fast-moving world, Math is much more than a subject. It is the language of thinking & problem-solving. At Cuemath, we make it a superpower that kids have!

When math is taught visually, by distilling the core principle,  children are able to chunk the concept into the mind, and then apply the concept in a new context. And here is how we reinstate the Cuemath principles in every child, we follow the 5 steps:

  • Readiness
  • Recap
  • Goals
  • Tests
  • Enrichment

teacher and kids learning math the cuemath way

Learning, summarizing and applying the concepts is a true and tested method to increase recall value. 

How Does It Help Children Learn Better?

The next-generation workforce will be centered around problem-solving capabilities & new computational technologies.

An early start in developing these essential life skills will enable children to lead & create tomorrow. Math, Coding &  AI. Cuemath’s learning approach will help:

  • Improve Critical Thinking
  • Increase Attention & Concentration
  • Encourage Problem Solving
  • Nurture Imagination & Creativity

child thinking

This proprietary methodology is helping students across 14 countries get better at Math & Coding skills. When children are taught ‘Why behind the What’, they start thinking about the application of concepts rather than just learning them.

Our teachers introduce a new concept at the right time so that a child is able to connect the different concepts that he/ she is learning.

Our personalized learning plans for all the children ensure that we make them stronger in their areas of weakness. 

How Is The Cuemath Way Different From Schools?

Schools and tuition classes have the traditional way of teaching via the blackboard method. Learning happens via lectures, videos, or textbooks, and this method has not been innovated for a long time.

The Cuemath way is unique. It takes care of everything that is missing in the standard way of teaching and enhances it for your child. 

Digital class interaction between child and teacher

  • At Cuemath, we reason with every concept and thought. Drilling a student with repeated learning of concepts without explaining the right reasons has a detrimental impact on the learning of a child. Unlike schools, we answer why before what. Visualizations to enhance learning rather than understanding the concepts abstractly is an absolute must. Children learn better when they are able to see a thought/ concept being implemented.

  • All Mathematical topics, be it geometry, trigonometry, algebra are introduced visually. Don’t believe it, join a free demo session and find out for yourself. 

  • A self-paced learning approach over a strict schedule helps students breathe between learning new things. Considering how unique and different every child is, one size fits all isn't something that we follow. After all, good things come when you take time!

  • Building the basics right rather than speedy completion of curriculum helps a child’s mind grow stronger. Everything in Math is interconnected. If Multiplication & division are not clear, learning exponents won’t be easy.

  • A strong foundation can only be built if a child is thorough with what he/ she learns. If there is a focus on completing the course faster, then mastering the concepts becomes tough. You may not realize it now, but 5 years down the line, gaps in learning will be very visible..and t may be too late to repair the cracks. 

  • Learning the Cumeath way has its own advantages, something that students may not be able to experience in schools or tuitions.

kids of cuemath

This method has shown tremendous results. 100% of our learners have seen visibly high marks in their exams, and an improvement in their aptitude.

If you want to know more about how these classes could benefit you, then take a free trial session with us now, and learn for yourself.


Learning the Cumeath way has its own preferences, something that understudies will most likely be unable to involve with schools or educational costs. At Cuemath, we have predicted the skills and methodology to train future generations. And our

prediction says that kids of tomorrow will be the problem-solvers..and the essential skills they need to acquire will not be only for competence, but also for intuition. 

About Cuemath

Cuemath, a student-friendly mathematics and coding platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development, and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. Understand the Cuemath Fee structure and sign up for a free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Cuemath Learning system?

Cuemath is a program developed for children from grades 1-10 to teach them math in a fun and exciting way. The curriculum is designed after intense research and iterations by experts from IITs and Cambridge.

How is Cuemath curriculum/methodology in Cuemath Online Program different from school/tuition?

We have a unique teaching methodology that enables students to develop a strong reasoning and mathematical mindset.

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