How to Get Motivated to Study? 30 Tips


01 December 2020

What is motivation?

The term motivation is derived from the word ’motive’ which means need, desire, or drive within an individual. It stimulates the actions of people to accomplish their goals. It creates a willingness amongst individuals to perform to the best of their abilities,

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How to Get Motivated to Study? 30 Tips-PDF

Is it hard for you to get motivated to study? Here are some of the strategies to help students motivate themselves. In this entire process of motivation, the role of a mentor and a guide cannot just be ignored.

In other words, we can say motivation to be a psychological phenomenon of tackling the needs and wants of an individual by framing a goal-oriented plan. Here is a downloadable PDF to explore more.

📥 How to Get Motivated to Study? 30 Tips-PDF


Why is Study Motivation important to an individual?

  • It helps them achieve their goals
  • It provides them with satisfaction

  • It helps in the self-development of an individual

  • It builds various personality skills amongst individuals

  • It boosts their spirits to perform in the best way possible

  • It builds a positive and healthy environment

  • It empowers the team as a whole

  • It enables an individual to think

  • It provides an individual with a self-control

What are the types of Study Motivation?

1. Intrinsic motivation

It is also known as self-derived motivation. It includes fascination towards a subject or a sense of accomplishment. Such a type of motivation is long-lasting and self-sustaining. It focuses on the subject rather than on rewards or punishments. It takes time to develop such a motivation and a guide or a mentor can be a perfect person to help in this.

2. Extrinsic motivation

It is also known as motivation derived from outside. It includes appreciations, rewards, praises, etc. Such a motivation is short term and rarely brings about a behavioral change. Extrinsic motivators do not consider the individuals to be different. They believe that rewards will automatically motivate all the individuals in the same way. This can also act on the negative side, sometimes.

Therefore, it is very important to boost the study motivation of children. They need encouragement and must be given an opportunity for active participation in studies. Such an inspiration would help them to grow and make this world a better place.

Group of Kids watching video on a tablet

It is important to make sure that kids develop a positive mind. Motivating them at the right stage would boost their self-confidence and their ability to connect to others.

Mentioned below is a set of 30 tips to get motivated to study. This will drive them towards the path of success.

How to get motivated to study hard for exams?

  1. Setting goals

Setting smart goals for yourself is one of the easiest ways to motivate yourself to study hard. These long-term goals must be broken down into shorter-term goals and prioritized as per their importance. These goals must be both realistic and challenging to get the full benefit of them. We suggest you to write your goals at a place where you can see them every day to stay mindful.

A picture showing ladder to goal

  1. Create a perfect space to study 

Studying in an environment that is free of all distractions can help you boost your focus and concentration. Your place must be organized in a proper way. You must also have comfortable seating. At the same time create a study routine that is challenging enough to keep you motivated.

A perfect study space with table, light and books

  1. Discover your reason for procrastination 

This is a common problem found amongst most of the students. Some of the reasons why a student procrastinates are because they limit abilities, they think that a topic is boring, they don’t find a perfect time to start or the task has become too overwhelming that you don’t know from where to start. Understanding the reason behind your procrastination would help you understand how to motivate yourself to study hard.

notepad with tomorrow striked off

  1. Be firm with your task

Always believe in yourself. It is very important for you to start a task. Until and unless you start a task, you won't be able to discover the path to finish it. At the same time, don't lose hope. You might face failures during the process, but it is upon you to discover the solutions for those failures and rise above them.

Quote saying "There is no failure you either win or learn"

  1. Listen to talks or watch motivational videos

A research has shown that almost 50% of people get boosted by the inspirational videos which are posted on various social media platforms. We strongly recommend you to at least watch two such videos in a week. A great way to start is by listening to TedTalks or speeches by motivational speakers. This way you will get motivated to study hard.

Bunch of kids watching videos

  1. Reward yourself

Getting rewards for doing something good is a one of the proven ways to motivate yourself to study hard. These can be small rewards like going on a walk, buying yourself your favorite chocolate, having good food, or something else. Such rewards also help you keep your pace of work and keeps you calm and composed.

Good job badge

  1. Engagement

It is very important to stay engaged with all the activities which are related to your task. Be it in school or during some discussions, the key to success and one of the great tips to get motivated to study is active involvement and engagement. This helps you get positive feedback for your works and also helps you understand where you went wrong as per others’ opinions.

It is very essential to take the feedback positively so that you keep on going with your work in a healthy spirit.

kids engaged in activities

  1. Treat Students With Respect

This is advice for all the teachers and parents on how to motivate students. You must keep strong expectations from them but not force them to fulfill those expectations all the time. You must treat them with respect and must show them a positive direction to meet their goals. This will help them learn good morals and also keep them boosted.

respect carved on a stone

  1. Create a threat-free environment

This advice again goes for the teachers on how to motivate students. It is very important for them to create an environment that will encourage students to learn. A safe and supportive environment for students is more likely to keep them working and learning. Keep attention at all their activities but never be forceful upon them.

Man and child giving high five

  1. Give students a sense of control 

Don’t perform all the tasks if you want to motivate students to do their best. Be like a coach to them. Help them learn through practice and hands-on experiences. Allow them to make a choice and have control over those choices. In the end, evaluate their work and point out their mistakes, if any. Also, if possible, show them the possible alternatives.

  1. Offer varied experiences

Not all students respond to a lesson in the same way. Every student is different and there are different ways to motivate them to study. Some may learn through hands-on experiences while others may love to read books quietly or to work in groups. It is always advisable not to mix these different preferences. Doing so helps the students to stay engaged and pay attention.

  1. Build healthy competition, but don’t compare 

Remember, if you perform better than the previous time, then you are definitely a winner. Always engage yourself in healthy competition. You must appreciate your achievements and must not think about the negatives. You must not compare your performance with others. Rather you must be a competitor to yourself. 

a happy child after winning a chess competition

  1. Involve in group tasks

This can be fun as well as a very encouraging step towards learning something new. As students, you try to solve problems along with your peers, do experiments, and work on projects like a team. Working as a group also builds the communication skills of a student. Teachers must ensure that groups are balanced and fair. Avoid free-riding during group tasks.

  1. Be a role model

Most kids want to succeed. Sometimes, all they want is an admiring role model. Therefore, as elders it is very important to share experiences with the students to keep them motivated in every task which they undertake. This also helps them to reflect within themselves and determine their strengths and weaknesses. 

a kid dressed up as superman

  1. Always be excited

One of the best ways to stay motivated is by showing enthusiasm and a positive attitude. When you’re excited about learning something new, you’ll automatically gain the spirits to excel and showcase yours within that particular task. Excitement is considered to be one of the encouraging intrinsic factors of motivation to study.

  1. Harness the interests of the students

Knowing what students are interested in has a number of benefits. It helps elders to give personalized attention to students and relate to what they are learning. In this way, they are able to guide and motivate students for longer. Therefore, it helps them to find their interests so that they continue studying hard. 

  1. Manage student’s anxiety

Everyone is anxious before the start of any task. It is the responsibility of the mentors to show there is no need to be anxious and offer support to the students. Teach them not to focus on the end results and not to pile things up. Don’t overwhelm them by expectations. This might make them fear their failures.

  1. Track progress

The best way to track everyday progress is by maintaining a diary that will be updated daily with your everyday tasks. This will help you to compare your daily performance and analyze your progress. This way you will gain motivation to do something better than the previous time and will continue your learnings, thereby improving your performance.

  1. Make things fun

Always remember, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Studies can be fun too. Students tend to feel more motivated when they are able to relate to what they are learning while witnessing it practically. Adding fun activities into your learning style can help you stay engaged and make your environment more friendly.

palms painted with paint

  1. Understand why you want to get good grades

Some of the reasons may be to learn more and develop,  pursue excellence, become more focused and disciplined, have a meaningful career, etc. It is advisable to put this list at your study desk. If, at any time, you’re feeling unmotivated, read this list, and understand your goal.

  1. Make a “boring” subject interesting

Subjects or topics become boring because we think it to be. It becomes boring because of its difficulty or its delivery to students. Try to make it interesting by asking the right questions and reasoning the logic behind the concepts. Try to find some interesting facts about the topic. Try to relate it with something practical.

  1. Don't memorize the topics, understand them

One of the keys to effective studying is to understand the topic rather than memorizing it. Try to apply the principles that are being taught in the real world scenario. Note down only a few important pointers for revision. Try to understand the logic behind the topic and draw conclusions from the same. This will keep you engaged and motivated.

Man trying to memorise

  1. Use the Pomodoro technique/hourglass method while studying 

Divide the time into small bursts. This will help to concentrate better by studying in short stretches. This has been proven as one of the best methods of studying. Small breaks in the middle help you to revive your energy. This way you have a fresh start every time.

  1. Exercise your brain

Think your brain and a muscle and it is advised to continually exercise your brain, even when you’re not studying. Solve puzzles or play games that will develop your mental ability. Some of the games which we suggest are chess, monopoly, sudoku, etc. If not this, read a book, newspaper, journal, or a magazine. Make sure that you give your brain enough rest. Sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

Exercise your brain

  1. Organize your time

It is very important for every student to understand the importance of time. Time management is another best way to stay motivated. It is very important to create a mind map and a study schedule. Follow this plan diligently and keep time for revisions. Examine your abilities and improvements on a regular basis.

  1. Focus on the process, not the result 

Getting the result is of no use until and unless you understand the process. If the process which you are following is right, the results will follow for sure. Follow a step-by-step approach to get to the final result. This way you won't have to start every time from the beginning if you get stuck somewhere.

Aim on your goal

  1. Visualize yourself doing the task successfully

Create an imaginary visualization of yourself completing the task. This will even help you to combat challenging tasks and makes it easier to perform them. This even makes you feel motivated to research more about your task/activity to become successful in your approach.

  1. Exercise regularly and Eat healthily

It is very important to keep yourself physically fit. Exercise also keeps your mind calm and helps you build your concentration. This way you feel elevated and stay motivated. Research even showcased that small periods of light exercise immediately after doing a task improves the recall of new information.

Kids exercising in the morning

  1. Leverage social media

Use social media and electronic devices for some productive work. Subscribe yourself to various free platforms that are available. Share the knowledge that you derive through posts or articles. The feedback and comments will keep you motivated and engaged.

  1. Practice daily

“Practice makes a man perfect.” The last tip to boost your motivation to study hard for exams is a regular practice. The more you practice, the more clearer concepts become. Practice will also help you rectify your mistakes.

kid practicing and studying

Tips to get motivated to study Mathematics

  1. Understand using practical examples

  2. Draw visualisations and graphic images for the problems stated in the assignments

  3. Follow a sequential step by step approach to a numerical problem

  4. Take every problem to be a challenge and you must be determined to solve this challenge

  5. Understand the importance and usefulness of the topic

  6. Understand mathematics with a story-telling approach

  7. Ask relevant and regular questions

  8. Work on the feedbacks received from teachers and guides

  9. Do a regular and a daily practice

  10. Revise your concepts on a regular basis


There are days when you feel so hyped and ready to accomplish a lot- then most days you just feel so overwhelmed and stressed that you lose all your energy that you can’t even read a single lesson.

Trust the process. It may be hard and stressful most of the time to study while balancing other activities that you are participating in, but know that this won’t go on forever. A bit of sacrifice and hard work today will make a huge difference for your future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get motivated to study hard?

  1. Have a study routine
  2. Remove distractions
  3. Practice daily
  4. Be discliplined
  5. Have enough sleep and food

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