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November 24, 2020

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Summer vacations are always something children really look forward to. And long vacations, trips and just being away from studies and school seem to be the ultimate paradise!

However, for many children, the summer break results in a serious loss of math knowledge upon going back to school.

In the absence of systematic math practice, this long gap between classes leaves them without the intellectual engagement they need. When your child is away from enriching activities to keep their minds occupied throughout the summer, they run a risk of falling behind in the class.

This setback that your child goes through during their vacations is termed as the ‘Summer Math Loss’. Research conducted by Harvard University has shown that:

1.On average, students lose a month’s worth of school year learning over their summer vacations.

2.The loss in math skills post vacations is unmistakably visible.

3.The extent of the loss experienced by students was higher as they went up in the school grade.

Not just that, statistically:

summer math losssummer math loss

summer math losssummer math loss


Why do children go through this summer loss?

It’s actually very easy for your child to forget what they learnt in math over the summer, compared to them losing their reading skills.

The reason:

Many parents think that math is something that only exists within the four walls of the classroom. Parents and children thus may be less inclined to do math at home.

If you compare this to your child’s reading activities, the idea of performing mathematical activities does not quite elicit the same type of interest as reading does.

As a result, when school ends, children have fewer opportunities to engage in any type of mathematical thinking.

By the end of Grade 6, students who have experienced math loss consistently have an achievement gap of almost 2 years.

This gap causes children to forget key concepts. A child may retain the conceptual idea that division means separation, but may altogether forget the steps needed to complete a long division problem.

However, assigning summer math homework to a child won’t help cut down the summer math loss in children.

We have thus curated a list of ways that will help your child avoid the summer math loss.

How can you help your child avoid Summer Math Loss?

Setting up a routine:

Your child’s summer may be filled with many activities ranging from learning a new skill to understanding how to wash the dishes or taking the garbage out.

As a regular task, setting time aside every week for your child to find math in everyday life can help them stay sharp throughout the duration of their vacation.

Shopping with Children

The next time you go shopping, take your child with you and help them calculate the total prices or discounts of the products as a fun activity to keep them engaged.

Include math games in daily life:

Simple games like hide and seek can encourage your child to count, while keeping them active and energized. Not just that, engaging your child in cooking can act as a great way to brush up their measuring and fractions skills.

Specifically, you can involve them in measuring quantities of the ingredients and introduce them to concepts like – one-half, one-third, units  of measuring solids and liquids etc.

Encourage your child to find mathematical connections around them, every time they step out of the house. For example, ask them to observe vehicle registration numbers and note whether those numbers are odd or even.

Stairway Math for children

Or, ask them to count the number of steps of a staircase. Then help them find the total height of the staircase by multiplying the number with the approximate height of each step.

Challenge your child:

Challenge your child in fun math board games that involve counting. Challenging your child will stimulate their interest and would help them understand better.

Cuemath Summer Camp

Another way you can keep your child engaged is to bring them to the Cuemath Summer Camp. The Summer Camp, designed to help your child beat math loss, is filled with fun games and activities such as:

  1.     Making tangrams to help your child understand geometric concepts and develop spatial skills.
  2.     Math board games to help your child explore number concepts such as the counting sequence and computation strategies.

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Summer is the time when kids build memories. And kids will look back at vacations, day trips, picnics, and other outings with nostalgia. But that's not all they'll remember. They'll remember the bad (e.g., being bored at home, fights with siblings). So as parents we want to help them make every day in summer something they'll want to remember.

As a result, when the school year ends, kids may have very few opportunities to engage in any type of mathematical thinking. It’s likely that most of the resulting loss involves procedures, not general concepts, the researchers say.

An incoming fifth-grader may retain the conceptual idea that division means separating things out into equal groups, but it’s easy for her to forget the set of steps to solving a long division problem.

Children enjoying math over the summer vacations

This article focuses on how we as parents and educators can ensure a steady state of mathematical involvement in our children's routine over the summers.

At the Cuemath Summer Camp, your child is taught math in an engaging and fun way to not only reverse the math slide but help them stay ahead of the class.

About Cuemath

Cuemath, student-friendly mathematics and coding platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development, and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills.

Check out the fee structure for all grades and book a trial class today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What do you do in a Summer camp?

Summer camps combine learning and fun. It is in the summer break that children are free of academic deadlines. Learning can be made fun through activities, games and puzzles. Learning combined with fun would help students develop reasoning skills, stay tuned to the concepts learnt in school.

2. Can I buy summer camp books online?

Summer Camp books will be available online as E-books for registered students.

3. Why is summer camp activities or coding activities not available stand-alone?

With our regular program clubbed with summer activities, we can easily combat the summer math loss. Hence, conducting stand-alone summer activities won’t solve our objective to reverse summer math loss.

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