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This teacher went from 0 to 25 students in one month

This teacher went from 0 to 25 students in one month

July 13, 2016

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For someone who hasn’t worked before marriage, Cuemath teacher Vaishali Purov has come a long way and that too successfully. Reminiscing about her life after college, she explains that with a B.Com degree in hand, she used to teach a small group of kids after school.

“Since I was the only girl child at home, my family wanted to pamper me more and asked me to just do part time jobs from home.”

Teaching was something that interested Vaishali, so after she got married, she completed her Montessori training and also Early Childhood Care Education (E.C.C Ed).

Today, she is 15 years into the education sector and has set a standard for other education enthusiasts in Malad.

“My students enjoy learning. We’re an activity filled bunch. We do treks and camps and different kind of things together with studies.”

cuemath teacher with her students

So how come Cuemath happened to Vaishali amidst all this?

“Well, I involve my students in a lot of learning activities where they learn things on their own. I taught phonetics and started Funclub for the kids which included GK, dance etc. , but I reached a saturation point. I wanted to do something different for them.”

Vaishali also explained that she experienced a few abacus classes. These weren’t interesting enough.

“I was on the lookout for something different for a year or two. I came across Cuemath on Facebook and the whole concept interested me because there was something included for the school syllabus.”

Vaishali did not want to be known as a tuition teacher. She knew that all the children enjoyed coming to her for various activities and did not want to burden them with something unnecessary. However, Cuemath seemed to interest her and she signed up.

“I conducted a Parent Workshop in May and surprisingly I got many registrations from there itself.

I actually made use of my existing network and it makes a difference when it is someone they trust who is taking up a new class.

On June 6th 2016, Vaishali started her first batch of Cuemath with 8 students and on 13th June she began her 2nd batch with another set of 8 students.

“What makes me extremely happy is that the students love doing the Cuemath program and many of them don’t want to go home.”

cuemath teacher with her students

Vaishali keeps in touch with the parents in regular intervals and lets them know about their children’s performance and achievements.

“Most of the parents tell me that their child loves Cuemath and enjoys coming to class. They also tell me that none of them complain that they are tired after Cuemath, . They are all very fresh and highly energetic.”

Vaishali tells us about a parent whose child is already enrolled with another program. She loved the idea of Cuemath and gave word that her child will join Vaishali’s batch soon since she’s already paid for the other program.

Another student that is fresh in Vaishali’s mind is a 5th grade child who started crying during her CBT. “She’s a little weak in studies but I can already see the changes. She still requires help but she’s interested and confident about it in the long run.”

So how does Vaishali feel about the program?

“Well, let me tell you one thing; in all my years as a teacher, I’ve never taken up another program. I never believed in them and I’ve always designed my own worksheets for the children. Cuemath is the only program that I have faith in, because it engages and teaches my students. I’m very happy with the program.”

cuemath teacher with her students

Vaishali seems to be in a hurry as we wind up our chat and said,

“A new student is joining me today in sometime so I have to prepare a little na?”

“Well, how many students do you have ma’am?”

“24+1 today” she replied.

24+1 in a month is definitely something!


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