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The teacher who is changing the way Chennai learns math

The teacher who is changing the way Chennai learns math

December 22, 2016

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Cuemath Teachers come from different walks of life and have varied interests. Radha Vijaykumar is one such proud Cuemath Teacher in Chennai who has made a difference in the lives of her students.

Hailing from Kerala with a B.Sc in Mathematics, Radha always had an inclination towards math. After completing her MBA from Amrita College Coimbatore, she began her fruitful career in marketing.

She took a break from her job as a Credit Manager in ICICI when her child was born and devoted herself to caring for the new born.

However, Radha could not stay away from the workforce for long. She missed the independent woman in her and began looking for jobs that would suit her availability.

In 2015, she came across Cuemath online and applied. After a brief call with Cuemath, her confidence rose and she was ready to delve into math once again and exploit the opportunity in front of her.

“I was confident about Cuemath because they stressed on getting the concepts right and not just marks”, she said.

Radha further explained that children should be taught the right concepts at a young age.

“Most parents begin focusing on math once the child is in high school and nearing the board and entrance exams. How will the child cope then? One should begin learning good math from childhood, only then the concepts will be imprinted in the mind”

Radha remembers the beginning of her journey as a Cuemath Teacher. She went through an assessment in order to get certified and once this was done, she familiarized herself with the items in the Starter Kit that she received. Using the pamphlets and posters, she enroled her first student.

“I think the digital format helped me more. Using Whatsapp and Facebook, I promoted my Cuemath Center. I got around 8 students like that.”

 I got most of my students through happy parents that recommended Cuemath to their friends”, she explains.

Radha believes that the Cuemath Quiz is a great way to bring in parents and students and pitch the Cuemath Program. She conducted a quiz with another Cuemath Teacher and they had 75 participants. Even parents enjoyed the quiz and most of them stayed through the entire event.

How did she manage to get so many participants?

“Well, I made use of Whatsapp. Apart from this I also put up an ad on our local magazine Perumbakam and got a lot of enquiries from there!”

When speaking about the impact of Cuemath, Radha recounts the transformation of an 8th grade student, whose concepts were very poor. She faced difficulty in fractions and integers. Once she began learning math with Cuemath, her performance gradually began to improve and she began to grasp the topics well.

“I was thrilled when her parents called me to say how happy they are with the program. I was so happy to have made that difference in her life!”

Not just one, but Radha has many more students who love her for what she does.

“Parents love the program, that’s the best part. Some of them call me to say that their child is learning different ways to approach a problem. This is something that Cuemath builds in a child simply by giving them many sums in one topic.”

She further implies that a lot of parents wait for the Creative Reasoning cards since it’s a family entertainer that brings the family together to solve it.

What is her message to aspiring Cuemath Teachers?

“I get a few calls regarding the genuineness of the program. I just have one thing to say, Cuemath will change the way you look at math and will empower you to be a positive influence on families. Remember, one good teacher can build a great future.”

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