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Teachers in Chennai aced their challenge!

Teachers in Chennai aced their challenge!

August 31, 2016

independence day challenge - chennai

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Cuemath Teachers in Tamil Nadu celebrated this Independence Day differently!  They were presented with the 70th Independence Day Challenge which required a teacher to add 10 students in 10 days to her centre. The challenge went on from 12th August to 22nd August.

This Challenge was accepted with great vigour and enthusiasm.

Over the course of 10 days, 80 Teachers added 235 students.

These Teachers emerged as winners of the 70th Independence Day Challenge:

Josephine Sugritham-13 students

Asha Muralidharan- 12 students

Shamna Balaji – 11 students

Dhivyaa Murali- 10 students

Shalini Jain- 10 students

Aarthi Senthil Kumar- 10 students

Gomathi Ramesh- 10 students

winning teachers

What a fabulous number. While it’s easy to read it, we do know how much of hard work goes into speaking to parents and making sure they understand Cuemath entirely. We are absolutely proud of all of you!

The following Teachers emerged as Runners-up of the 70th Independence Day Challenge

Pavithra Sakthivel- 7 students

Anupama Narayan- 6 students

Divya Ramesh- 5 students

Sunitha Arun- 5 students

Gracy Christopher- 5 students

Revathy Lakshmanan- 5 students

Subashini Balaji- 5 students

Uthra Venkatram- 5 students

The Challenge winners will be awarded a swanky Tablet while the runners up will be gifted goodie bags for all the students at their centre.

Aarthi Senthil Kumar asserted that the Cuemath Quiz she organised a few weeks ago helped her achieve her target. She created a group for parents who attended the Quiz and engaged them with puzzles and various activities. She feels that systematic follow-up and engagement will help create interest towards a program like Cuemath.

Asha Muralidharan conducted a Kiosk during her colony’s Sports Carnival. With the guidance of the City Managers, Ms Shanthi and Mr Ramesh, a good number of parents were informed about Cuemath.

Shalini Jain shared that her existing students pitched in by bringing in their friends to the center. “Cuemath is a great product so people come in automatically”, she added.

Shamna Balaji says” My first student was my lucky star who helped me with his network of friends.” Additionally the attractive pamphlets given by Cuemath helped her convince the parents.

Well, from all that these teachers are saying, it’s quite understood that Cuemath Teachers are creating a storm in Chennai.

The teachers in Chennai have added the highest number so far. Congratulations to all the winners. Here’s  to many more challenges.

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