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Rukmani Ramachandran's Story


Jan 25, 2021     

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Every child has infinite potential. With a correct and strong math foundation, we can transform every child into a great analytical thinker.

Cuemath is a beyond school math learning program that facilitates children learning fundamental maths using a simple and easy methodology. 

Cuemath approach is holistic and includes critical thinking and logical reasoning as part of math learning.

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📥 Rukmani Ramachandran's Story


Rukmani journey before cuemath

Rukmani Ramachandran leads the Teacher Education team at Cuemath. She is the epitome of a strong, hardworking, and caring woman who has always believed in pushing not just herself, but also her students to strive to be their best versions.

Born in Chennai and having spent her school life across different cities in India, Rukmani found her calling in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

After completing her B.Tech, she pursued her master's in the same field at the University of Virginia, one of the tops ranked universities for this field of study.

She then pursued a Ph.D. in stem cell bioengineering at the Virginia Commonwealth University, and her teaching experience during this time changed the way she perceived learning & thinking.

“I realized that I wanted to be an educator rather than a professor,” she explains.

Once she made up her mind, she withdrew her Ph.D. candidacy and relocated to India to teach.

Rukmani taught engineering students, predominantly from non-English medium backgrounds, and realized that most students looked at engineering as a means to get jobs and not as a profession.

She saw that the country was churning out thousands of engineering graduates, but created very few engineers.

This motivated her to commit herself to help learners – young and old – become workforce ready.

This included professional upskilling, boot camps for college students, and high school education in Math, Science, and English.

“Teaching is about understanding how students learn” – Rukmani

Rukmani journey in Cuemath 

Today, Rukmani trains various women, who join Cuemath as teachers, to run their own Cuemath Centers effectively.

Most of the Cuemath Teachers have interacted with Rukmani. They remember how she equipped them skillfully to take corrective measures and make their students comfortable with learning.

“When teaching young students, the teacher has a greater responsibility in moulding the future generations and guiding them on the road of development.

It is important for every teaching professional to develop and practice empathy and compassion towards their students.” says Rukmani.

In late 2016, Rukmani attempted the Teaching Professionals Olympiad (TPO). The TPO is organized by the Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) every year. 

She emerged as the topper in the country and has proved that she practices what she preaches. CENTA is an organization that provides certification to teachers in India.

These certifications are designed to be indicators of teacher quality, on parameters well-accepted by a range of schools of every kind.

The TPO is organized every year with The Hindu and Michael & Susan Dell Foundation as the primary supporters. In 2016, it was held in 23 cities and had participants from more than 500 cities & towns across India.

Talking about the exam, Rukmani says, “The exam deftly tested if a teacher was able to pinpoint what a student had learned/ not learned;

How the mistakes they made were symptoms of misunderstanding that needed to be corrected rather than penalized. It also focused on the importance of putting the learner front and center.”

Rank 1 in the country is a great achievement. We can now say with conviction that, Cuemath Teachers are trained by one of the best educators in the country!

Inspired? Take up the opportunity to teach math and become a force to reckon with like Rukmani!


Take Cuemath Classes Online and provide a world-class math education to children.

They will provide you with the training and certification along with all the marketing support you need to get students for your center.

Enrolling the students the teachers have shown their determination in the work and dedication towards the child education in a nice platform.

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About Cuemath

Cuemath, student-friendly mathematics and coding platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill development, and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. Understand the Cuemath Fee Structure and sign up for a free trial.


How can I become an online teacher?

At Cuemath, we recruit teachers for delivering our curriculum to the students. To become a Cuemath teacher, register at Work from Home Teaching jobs by paying the one-time investment fee. Once you're eligible as per the recruitment strategy, we provide training and certification along with all the marketing support you need to enrol students. A Cuemath teacher can earn up to 40,000/- per month. We hope you take up this opportunity and spread your passion for math!

Is Cuemath a genuine opportunity for teachers?

Cuemath teaches math to students from KG-12th. We have a community of over 8,000 teachers reaching out to over 2 lakh students both in India and overseas. Math experts of Cuemath are trained to maintain excellent teaching and learning standards. Join our family of 8,000 Teacher-Partners and start your franchise business and start earning from home.

What inspires you to join Cuemath?

As a math teacher, I loved making students think out of the box. While schools are encouraging teachers to employ the method that makes children learn through understanding and imagination rather than rote learning, it becomes a challenge when the syllabus for an academic year has to be completed. Both teachers and students feel the pressure. When I joined Cuemath, I realised that there is no pressure to complete the syllabus. We are more focused on mastering each chapter before moving on to the next. This method not only helps students grasp math fundamentals, but also inspires us, teachers, to teach in unique methods that we develop, but cannot apply when we have the pressure of syllabus completion at the back of our heads.

How much does a Cuemath teacher earn?

The single most important factor that determines how much you will earn as a Cuemath teacher is the amount of time you are willing to devote to conducting the Cuemath classes. If you devote 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, you could earn up to Rs. 45000 a month.

Is Cuemath good?

At Cuemath, children learn by understanding the reason and logic behind every math problem before attempting to arrive at any solutions. This is backed by our unique methodology of teaching the 'Why before the What' in math concepts. Click here to know more about Cuemath classes.

What is Cuemath teaching process?

The Cuemath methodology of teaching Math to our students is to help them 'Understand the WHY behind the WHAT'.
When a student is working on a topic, he/she must first understand WHY he needs to follow a certain set of steps or a formula. So to start the class, the teacher will first probe the students with questions to understand gaps with learning.
The teacher uses hints/examples to help the student. The student and teacher interact through the whiteboard which is present on the platform to help the students understand clearly what the teacher is explaining. The teacher uses diagrams, simulations to help the student understand concepts.
The student through these steps is equipped to get to the answer on their own!

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