Angela Lee Duckworth IQ

During her career as a teacher, Angela Lee Duckworth realised that IQ was not the only thing separating successful students from the ones struggling. In this TED talk, she speaks about her theory of “grit” as a predictor of success.

Angela Lee Duckworth is an American academic, psychologist and author. At the University of Pennsylvania, she currently does a lot of research on intangible concepts like grit and self-control. She believes that it is very important to stick with a long term plan for the future and also knows that this is incredibly difficult most of the time. However, her studies show that, individuals who are more gritty about becoming successful, end up having it all.

Angela believes that the Growth Mindset also plays a big role in being gritty. When a child believes that they can get better at something by working on it, they are building in them the habit of being gritty.

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