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The Cuemath Diagnostic Test



28 September 2020

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Take The Cuemath Diagnostic Test & Know What Your Child Is Grasping

Children are learning so many things on a regular basis. From studying in schools, to taking online classes, and even by watching videos on youtube, there is something new to know everytime.

But how much are they really grasping? Is your child only listening and learning, but unable to apply? 

As a parent, it is absolutely essential to understand if your child is able to make the most of these forms of teaching. But how would you know? Is there a standard test available that would be able to capture this information, and understand where your child stands in comparison to the others?

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At Cuemath, we gauge a child’s understanding of topics and subjects with the help of a Cuemath Diagnostic Test. The Cuemath Diagnostic Test (CDT) is a short, simple and most importantly, a reliable assessment that will tell teachers or parents how a child is doing in mathematics.

It is designed for kids from grades 1 to 8. The test highlights the child’s strengths as well as weaknesses and will allow the subsequent teaching to be customised so that teachers’ and parents’ efforts can be well directed.

The Cuemath Diagnostic Test

Free of cost for any student to take, this diagnostic test is a formative assessment. What that means is that the test does not assume that the child knows a concept that is being tested. Instead, it quickly gauges the level of mathematics proficiency and asks further questions accordingly.

It understands where the child is and gives parents and teachers the necessary inputs to support the child’s further growth.

Cuemath diagnostic test

The Cuemath Diagnostic test reports two scores.

First is a measure of the child’s knowledge of mathematics which is generally the focus of school curriculum.

The second is a score that measures a set of skills that are considered critical to developing a thorough mathematical and scientific aptitude. Unfortunately, these skills are almost never emphasised at schools which means most children lag behind their peers from countries such as Singapore and Finland (both Singapore and Finland are well known for their math education and children from schools in these countries rank consistently at the top in international math assessments).

This Cuemath Diagnostic test is entirely online, and free of cost. Parents should encourage their children to take this, not only to get an accurate picture of their child’s math proficiency, but also see where their child stands relative to global benchmarks.

We ensure that the topics covered in school are tested in the CDT. As a parent, you will be able to understand if your child’s basics are not getting cleared at school.

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Having a strong foundation from a young age is essential, and if the school system is not able to support your child’s learning, it may be time to reconsider additional support with platforms like Cuemath.

At Cuemath, our mission is to create Problem-Solvers for the 21st Century through our cutting-edge Math & Coding programs for kids.

We ensure that they learn with the help of visual aids, actually solve problems during classes, and improve their critical thinking skills. 

The CDT also taps into mathematical thinking and aptitude skills that your child has. It’s possible that children are learning the concepts in detail at schools, are able to apply the concepts to easy problems, but have a difficulty in thinking creatively.

At Cuemath, we believe that math is foundational, and filling these gaps fast can help, if the learning happens early. It's evident that a child with a growth mindset is more resilient; but whether your child will be or not can be determined by taking the test.

Who has created the Cuemath Diagnostic Test?

The creators and designers of the Cuemath Diagnostic Test are math and educational experts from IIT, IIM, Cambridge, Harvard & Stanford. Not just the test, the complete platform, curriculum is created by this brilliant team.

With the mission of creating problem solvers of tomorrow, Cuemath is not only helping kids get better at their Mathematical skills, but also at Programming.

At the core of the Cuemath method is the principle of explaining the Why before the What. Math is most commonly taught as a series of rules and steps. If not taught well, leads to diminishing engagement and leading to math being perceived as tough or boring.

The Cuemath Diagnostic test takes care in understanding if your child has learned the concepts right, and as an outcome our teachers understand which concepts need to be taught again. 

For instance, when you think of Multiplication, do you think of “tables” or do you understand multiplication intuitively as repeated addition? Disappointingly a majority of the kids in grade 3 do not know that 12x4 is another way of expressing 4x12, but they know that 12x4 = 48 and 4x12 equals 48! 

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We believe that just like our brain, math is a muscle that can be trained to develop a natural problem-solving mindset with benefits that'll last a lifetime! From creative problem solving, to critical thinking to data driven decision making, children of tomorrow will be much smarter, if trained right from a young age. 

Our approach to teaching is different from how it is in schools or any other online learning environments. Our students are not told answers, they have to actively figure out concepts themselves, by solving a calibrated sequence of problems. We have:

  • 1-on-1 Personalised Classes to ensure that students get 10x more attention than classrooms.
  • Interactive Simulations that are carefully designed simulations help the student visualize concepts, understand and never forget them.
  • Certified Tutors that are screened for empathy, learning and patience.

Have your child take the Cuemath Diagnostic Test today. You never know they could be a born mathematical genius.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Cuemath Learning system?

Cuemath is a program developed for children from grades 1-10 to teach them math in a fun and exciting way. The curriculum is designed after intense research and iterations by experts from IITs and Cambridge.

2. What is CDT in Cuemath?

CDT is Cuemath Diagnostic Test which is designed to gauge a child's grasp of the topics taught in school as well as the inherent mathematical aptitude that a child possesses.

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