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Do you need to revise your revision method?


29 January 2021 

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Exams can be a scary experience for some, but a carefully planned walk in the park for others. As exams approach at an alarming speed, the time to revise seems to be getting shorter and shorter every day. 

This brings a major concern to pop up in our minds “How long should you revise for?” But not to fear, we have a few ways to revise which are effective 15 days before the exam till the night before the exam.

how to revise? What will be the best methods of revision?

A major doubt that comes to mind is “how to study theory subjects?”.

Reviewing a conceptual and sometimes theoretical subject like math can be tricky, that’s why we’ve brought together a list of revision notes ideas, and revision tips to help revise like a pro.

Do you need to revise your revision method-PDF

In this blog we talk about effective final revision and how to revise for exams including revision tips like cue cards, sample papers, taking proper rest, etc. Here is a downloadable PDF to explore more.

📥 Do you need to revise your revision method-PDF


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So let us discuss, how to revise for exams?

How about testing out the sample papers?

Practice papers are a great way to help get the real feel of the pattern of the exam they’re due to appear. 

Not just that, practice papers help identify problem areas and practice those concepts where you need to put more attention to. 

How to revise effectively: Sample Paper practice

Practice papers help parents and children see the mistakes that they made, figuring out the Why behind the errors would reduce the chances of making the same mistakes again.

You can have a look at the resources we have for sample papers here, CBSE Resources

Writing is a valuable tool for learning

It has been psychologically proved that writing something down is the best way to remember, understand, and retain information. 

 Exam review: Writing as as a revision techniques

Write the WHY behind the WHAT of math concepts and later try to explain how they solved the problem to different members of your family; this would ensure better retention and understanding of the concepts studied.

Make your own personalized cue cards!

Flashcards are an excellent way to test the knowledge and understanding of certain math concepts, formulas, and problems. The cue card would have a conceptual math problem on one side and the answer on the opposite side.

Cue Cards: how to make revision notes, revision notes ideas

One of the good revision notes ideas is to help final revision by putting up flashcards on every door of your house, every time you enter a room, you will have to answer the math question on the cue card as an exam review.

Sometimes asking for help is okay

Sometimes your child may face a problem or a math concept that they don’t quite understand correctly.

It’s always good to let your child ask their friends, family members, and teacher for help with their revision. 

Revision tips: Take help from math experts

At Cuemath, we ensure your child’s exam preparation and revision are strong by helping them ask questions and understand the WHY behind the WHAT of math concepts. We don’t just teach math, we help your child visualize solutions to even the toughest math problems.

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The brain needs its rest too

Research has shown that a simple period of rest after learning can help your child remember math concepts even a week later!

Revising chapters can get stressful for your child sometimes, having to go over the information, again and again, requires adequate rest and breaks. 

Night before exam and last day of exam take proper rest

Ensure your child is getting periodic breaks in between their exam preparation and revision, this would make sure your child is able to perform better.


Don’t let the stress of exams get to you.

In fact, the night before the exam should be spent relaxing and taking your mind off the upcoming test. So it is necessary to finish all the revisions by the last day of the exam or when there is only one day to go. 

So these were just a few revision tips which may answer your question "how to revise for exams?". These include resting, taking help from peers and family members, using revision noes ideas like cue cards, attempting sample papers, and writing the exam review down in your notebook. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Importance of revision?

With only one day to go or the night before exam, one must not start reading the textbook again. It is beneficial to simply relax your mind and go through important points. This is where revision notes and revision techniques prove to be beneficial. This not only helps take in much more concise information, but it is proven to be more useful to see data in an organized bulleted manner.

How to study theory subjects?

Theoretical subjects and topics can be easily learned by writing down notes. Only reading text may not be enough to retain the information. Writing is one of the best ways to make information concise and ready to be remembered later on. You can also be creative about the revision notes with the usage of cue cards and post-it notes.

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