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Did you know that there could be a lot more to music than what you know? If you listen to your favourite song carefully, you would notice that there is a certain rhythm to it, a kind of repetition that you familiarize yourself with. This happens because you identify a pattern in what you’re listening to.

Think about it, when you listen to a speech, do you identify any pattern in it? No, because the speaker uses different speeds, different tones etc. But in song, you know that there usually is a chorus-verse-chorus pattern.

Math has been infused with music since the beginning. Every musician that has created music began with notations. Every notation has a certain count and every piece of music flows in a rhythm which is what makes it pleasing to the ear.

In this article, we wanted to compare how music and math are very similar in terms of mastering the skill.

Math and music require strong basics

Let’s say, your child is passionate about music. Imagine putting them up on stage with a guitar to play for an audience on the very first day of music class. Doesn’t seem fair, right?

Creating something magical and meaningful comes only when you know the basics. If your child has recently joined piano or guitar classes, you would know how much time the teacher spends on teaching them to read the notations.

Same is the case with math, your child has to master the basics before moving forward.

Math and music is mastered with practice

There are numerous musicians we love to listen to, like The Beatles, A.R. Rahman, Lata Mangeshkar etc. and your child may strive to become like them. The fact is that these artists became legends through practice.

It is said that if you miss even one day of practice, then you go back to the same condition you were in one week before. Be it math or music, never miss practice!

Every individual has their own way of learning

Ever listened to two different versions of the same song and liked only one of them? That happens when you are able to relate to one and not with the other.

This happens while learning math as well. Your child may understand a topic when they are taught in a different method. That’s why it is important to explain using different approaches to find out your child’s comfort level.

Math and music require proper guidance

Rita Pierson, an acclaimed academician, always said that “Children don’t learn from someone they don’t like.”  It is therefore extremely important to find the right teacher who is committed to seeing progress in your child.

A good music teacher will make sure that your child learns to create music passionately. Similarly, a good math teacher will help your child see the other side of math and build a strong foundation as well.

Like music, math is a skill that takes time to build. It all depends on how you are introduced to it. You may like math but you fall in love with it when you begin to relate to it at multiple levels. This is when you realize that the beauty in math is more important than scoring a 100.

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