Why Intensive Training Is A Must For 10th Class Board Exams?

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July 10, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dear Parent, 

Please take a moment to read and analyze the following statements:

  • My child is in 10th class.
  • My child understands math concepts but is still unable to score good marks in the exams.
  • My child has a hard time remembering or recalling math concepts while writing the exam.
  • My child needs extra attention and practice for their 10th board exams.

Did you realize that these are the common concerns that most parents express? The 10th board exams are one of the most important exams for a child’s academic career. The marks/percentages that they get in their 10th class pave the way for their admission to a reputed school with a favourite subject stream


Does your child require extensive training for their 10th board exams?

No matter how good your child is in terms of their percentages, board exams require an added level of practice and conceptual clearance than any other exams. 

This is where intensive math training comes into play. Intensive math training courses are designed for students to help them strengthen and revise concepts previously learned in past classes as well as get exposed to a multitude of questions that are asked in the board exam without having to deviate away from their own exam preparation.  


What is the Cuemath Math Accel program?

The Cuemath Math Accel program designed by math experts from IIT & Cambridge university who have over 15 years of experience in teaching math. The Math Accel Program will help your child stay sharp with preparation sessions focusing on the last 5-year exam papers and interactive quizzes. 


Program highlights:

  1. 30 expert-led live interactive classes
  2. Practice worksheet & assessment designed to ensure your child is exam ready
  3. Unlimited doubt clearing 
  4. Analysis of last 5-year question paper for better preparation for board exam 
  5. Dedicated exam preparation sessions focusing on last 5-year question papers
  6. Continuous support till board exams 
  7. Sessions on last-minute tip & tricks 
  8. Mock tests series to help your child build confidence 

How will the Math Accel program help your child ace their Grade 10 board exams?

The Math Accel program is designed specifically to help your child be prepared for their 10th board exams, with more exam-oriented training. The program covers important questions from the past 5-year question papers along with the major common types of questions that are usually asked in the 10th board exam. 

Along with that, your child will be able to:

Master mathematical concepts

 Master mathematical concepts: With 30 expert-led live interactive classes (each class  is of 1-hour duration).


 Watch later: Recorded classrooms for later viewing

 Leverage Expertise

 Leverage Expertise: Analysis of last 5-year question paper for better preparation for board exam 

Practice and get perfect

Practice and get perfect: 300+ worksheets and Mock tests series to build confidence

Prepare for Exams
Prepare for Exams: Dedicated exam preparation sessions with a focus on last 5-year question papers

Get Live Feedback
Get Live Feedback: Interactive quizzes during a master class


Cuemath helps students prepare better by helping them prepare with over 15000+ workbook problems, 180+ puzzle cards, including several engaging math games that help students understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of math concepts.

Learn from the best math teachers and top your exams

  • Live one on one classroom and doubt clearing
  • Practice worksheets in and after class for conceptual clarity
  • Personalized curriculum to keep up with school