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13 Productive Things to Do When Bored for Kids



July 17, 2020

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Kids often whine, “I’m bored”, or “This is boring”, and so on. Whatever be the reason, there are plenty of things to do at home when you are bored to help you navigate this state of mind. Inside, we have prepared a list of things to do when bored for kids - from creative activities to team activities to some pure joy activities. Read, Get Ready, and start enjoying it!!

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  1. Learn how to play Rubix Cube or Sudoku

These are highly entertaining and challenging mental games that can help kids to spend their time when they are bored in a creative manner.

  1. Play games like Monopoly or Business

These are fun-loving games that can be played by every member of the family. It helps the child to develop different skills related to mental calculations and operations.

  1. Read about some interesting facts

Mathematics is all about a number game. It is one of the widely used subjects in every sphere. This has led to the evolution of different funny and interesting facts about the subject. Encourage your child to read more about these to improve their general knowledge.

  1. Learn how to correlate maths with the practical world

Maths is not just about theories, formulas, and concepts. It goes beyond that to the practical world. Correlating different concepts with different happenings around us makes the learning of this difficult subject much more fruitful.

  1. Abacus and Vedic maths

Some of the tricks and tips that a student learns while performing this activity is highly amusing. This activity leaves children highly amazed and therefore keeps them encouraged to learn more. This will even help them in the long run to develop various problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities.

  1. Enrol in some online learning classes

There are a number of online classes taking place which teaches your child a number of life skills, mathematical skills, and other skills in a fun-loving, simple and exciting way. Cuemath is one such amazing platform to get your children trained in the mathematical domain.

It provides regular Online Live Classes and various games, puzzles, simulations, quizzes, etc. on its Maths Gym App. Get enrolled in such online classes to spend your time at home when bored.

  1. Play mobile games related to maths

There are a number of games that are developed on digital platforms that help your child to develop different mental abilities through different games, simulations, puzzles, worksheets, and much more.

  1. Encourage them to play Lego or building blocks

These games will help them sharpen their memory and will also teach them a lot about different shapes and colors of different sizes.

Other Activities to do when bored for kids

  1. Develop the habit of reading

A highly useful skill for people is reading. This also helps them to improve their speaking and listening skills. Therefore we encourage every student to get involved in some reading activity when they feel bored at home.

  1. Play games like archery or darts

These are two of the best games which could be played single-handedly, without any competition, and helps kids to boost their focus and concentration power.

  1. Write a story

What could be a better way to spend time than ideating your own story? This will help the child to develop their thinking abilities.

  1.  Learn Calligraphy and other writing skills

Just like reading, learning how to write creatively and neatly is also important. Whenever kids feel bored at home, they can hone their skills of writing. They can also learn calligraphy which is an amazing combination of art and writing skills.

  1.  Learn magic tricks

Magic is something that always engages kids and leaves the curious to learn more about it. There are plenty of websites and online tutorials that can teach kids these skills. So next time whenever your child feels bored, try to add some voila to his/her boredom.


We highly recommend and encourage all parents to adopt and get involved in these fun-loving things to do at home when bored. This will not only keep you entertained but will also help your child develop the required skills and abilities. These skills will help in the long run to develop different life-changing skills, both in academic and personal life. Get your kid started today with the best activities to do when bored.


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