Best 10 Things to do at Home with Kids



24 November 2020

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Looking for interesting things to do with kids to make them more productive during this “locked-in” time?

It is very easy for children to get bored when staying at home away from school, the playground, and their friends.

It becomes your responsibility as a parent to be their friend during this time.

You should try to make their stay at home fun and exciting with keeping their learning routine in mind.

You should look for activities that are fun to perform and they teach something to your children at the same time.

In this article, you will find a list of activities that your children would love to do with you.

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📥 Best 10 Things to do at Home with Kids


Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Entertained at Home

While technology has restricted kids to more screen time and lesser physical activities, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay indoors as much as possible.

All of this is making it harder for modern parents to keep their children entertained and more active in their daily lives.

Now that kids are stuck at home, it has become more important than ever to indulge them in fun activities to avoid negative effects on their emotional as well as physical development.

If you are also facing the same dilemma where your little ones are glued to the screens all the time, we have your back.

mother and child reading from a book at home

It is time to bring them out of their digital cocoons and keep them engaged in fun crafts and activities.

These activities not just help them find their interests and passion but also teach them the value of spending quality time with family.

It is very important to engage children in new activities from time to time to nurture their creativity and imagination.

Go through the following list of ten fun things to do at home with family to keep your children happy and bust their boredom.

10 Fun Things to Do with Kids: Break the Monotony of their Lives

1. Teach them How to Create Funny Food Art

Food art has to be undoubtedly the first pick on our list of things to do with kids.

It not just makes children more involved in the kitchen with their mothers but also makes it easier to get them to eat a balanced diet.

Fun activities with kid at home: food art with cookies apples and pines

Making meals is fun and interesting and it helps a lot of parents feed their picky eaters and provide them knowledge about nutrition, one meal at a time.

2. Play Word Power with them

Word Power and similar board games are some of the best fun things to do at home with family.

Such games can be played with four to six family members and helps children learn newer words every day.

3. Try Doing Easy & Fun Science Experiments

Experimenting not only amazes little children but also makes them more involved in their surroundings.

Find easy science experiments that your child can do at home and try to see what intrigues them the most.

Answer their whys and hows to see them excel in studies. Some of the best science experiments that we suggest are:

  • making a volcano,
  • writing invisible messages,
  • the inverted balloon inside a bottle,
  • refraction of light underwater,
  • wind energy, etc.

Balloon water experiment :Fun science experiment at home with children

4. Bring a Clay Modeling Kit & Embrace their Creations

Clay modeling is our other favorite pick on our list of things to do with kids.

It promotes creativity and improves the hand-eye coordination skills of your child. Most importantly, it encourages problem-solving and trial-and-error in a fun way.

Appreciate all that they create and teach them to improve their skills.

5. Make the Best Out of Waste

If you are looking for crafts for kids to do at home, look at things around you, and try to remake stuff with old things.

You can make decorative items with tissue paper rolls, disposable cups & plates, cardboard boxes, ice cream sticks, etc.

6. Plant a Sapling & Teach them to Nurture it

Planting is one of the best things to do with kids to engage all their senses and make them respect nature.

With endless benefits, planting and gardening develop your child's mind, body, and soul.

Teach your kids how to water daily, prune dead leaves, identify unwanted pests, and not pluck flowers from the plants.

Fun activities at home: child watering plants in his home

Try to plant seeds that quickly grow to help them learn the process of germination, growth, and more. Some of the trees that you can plant with kids are:

  • radish
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • coriander
  • snap peas

7. Bring them a Whiteboard & Start Doodling

You will love a whiteboard for its endless options to get creative. You can either play some quick games or doodle with your child.

A whiteboard is a canvas through which you can encourage your child to be creative and build their imagination.

8. Make Origami Projects

Origami is one of the oldest and the most common crafts for kids to do at home.

It develops the motor skills of the child and enhances the basics of geometry and symmetry.

It also gives children a better sense of colors and fosters attention skills in them.

9. Solve Rubik’s Cube with them

Rubik's cube is a great activity for people of all ages. If you solve it with your kids, you can improve their problem-solving skills and keep their minds active.

It also makes children more patient and concentrated. It improves spatial understanding of kids.

Fun activities at home: child solving Rubik's cube

10. Play Puzzles with them

Puzzles are a great way to set small goals for your children and help achieve them.

They are not just a great way to keep your child away from technology-driven games but also build up their self-esteem. Buy age-appropriate puzzles and move to more advanced ones later.


So now, it is time to roll up your sleeves and start these activities with your child.

Each of the activities mentioned above improves the development of your little one in one way or the other.

Apart from these, you can also try mathematical games, baking, painting, etc. at your home.

You can also tweak the activities according to your and your child's preferences.

Remember that the whole purpose of these activities is to have fun with your child, so don't scold them if they do something they are not supposed to.

Which one of these things would you like to try out with your kids first? Please share with us on Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What activities can I do at home with the children?

  • Read storybooks with them
  • Play Rubik's cube and puzzle with them
  • Make Origami projects
  • Watch their favorite cartons and tv shows with them
  • Home science experiments
  • Gardening and planting samplings

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