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This young aspiring doctor is also a super subtractor


Johanna Rose Anil is a super subtractor from the United States.

At just 2nd grade, she has shown exceptional efficiency in a math concept kids often stumble at- subtraction, to bring home the Super Subtractor medal, a competition conducted in her school wherein kids are given 100 subtraction questions with numbers 1 to 19 to complete in 4 minutes to get the title. 

Apart from showing great math skills, Johanna is also a young aspiring doctor.

Johanna scored 99% in the school conducted Super Subtractor competition. 

We had a chance to talk to Johanna about her big win and her experiences. 

What went into the preparation for the big win?

My school provided us with the practice sheets to brush up on our subtraction knowledge before the big competition, but practicing those sheets on a regular basis and gaining clarity and understanding the concept of subtraction was the ultimate key. 

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my friend Clara, she’s good at math, which in turn inspired me to get better at it and finally become a math expert. Apart from that Cuemath greatly helped me transform the dream of becoming a math expert into a reality.

What do you aspire to become when you grow up?

I aspire to be Doctor when I grow up. 

What is your favourite part about the Cuemath classes?

I like everything about the Cuemath classes, but the best part about the classes are the block assessments I get to complete.

If there’s one advice you could give to kids just starting their Cuemath classes, what would it be?

Always be regular for your Cuemath classes, try not to miss any of it. Complete your homework, and keep practicing as much as you can. Math eventually starts becoming fun when you get into it.

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