TUCO 2020 - Winner Announcement


The Ultimate Cuemath Olympiad (TUCO) is an all India math test conducted by Cuemath for grades 1-10. TUCO is India’s biggest online Olympiad with the participation of  2,50,000+ students. It was conducted in two rounds:

Round 1: Prelims
                28th ad 29th Nov 2020 

Round 2: Advanced
                9th and 10th Jan 2021

The Round 2 exam was more challenging than the Round 1 exam and was reserved for students who crossed a certain threshold in Round 1. In case of a tie in Round 2, we compared the student’s performance in the following order of priority:

  1. Advanced Problem Solving
  2. Higher-Order Reasoning 
  3. Real-life Problem Solving
  4. Time taken to complete the test

Keeping these points into consideration, we were able to find India’s most promising mathematical minds. 

Here is the list of Toppers grade-wise.

  • Grade 1

Rank 1: Mohammad Khan
Rank 2: Anwesha Parna
Rank 3: Darsh Agarwal

  • Grade 2

Rank 1: Ayaan Agarwal
Rank 2: Araddhya Windlass
Rank 3: Sanvi Gangatkar

  • Grade 3

Rank 1: Aditya Jain
Rank 2: Disha
Rank 3: Nidhi Anand

  • Grade 4

Rank 1: Manasvi Rajesh
Rank 2: Sahith Billa
Rank 3: Khwaish Sarawgi

  • Grade 5

Rank 1: Aarav Rao
Rank 2: Saanvi Singla
Rank 3: Sreejani Bhaduri

  • Grade 6

Rank 1: Archit Srivastava
Rank 2: Reyansh Pasari
Rank 3: Amirthavarshini A

  • Grade 7

Rank 1: Abhinav Khetan
Rank 2: Ashwin Raj
Rank 3: Neil Sagar

  • Grade 8

Rank 1: Krishangh Arjun
Rank 2: Agastya Dey
Rank 3: Venkat Kumar

  • Grade 9

Rank 1: Aryan Prakash
Rank 2: Anvesh Pradhan
Rank 3: Raghuram Ramakrishnan

  • Grade 10

Rank 1: Malay Kedia
Rank 2: Ashwin Iyer
Rank 3: Parth Agrawal

Congratulations to all the winner out there! 🎊 🎉

We would like to thank all the students and parents who participated and helped make TUCO 2020 a grand success. 

We promise to come back with an even better and interesting version of this Olympiad.

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