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Twinkle is a star in Math!

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From the beautiful land of Assam, Twinkle is like every other child who has dreams of her own. She enjoyed going to school and learning things. However, math was a subject she faced difficulty in. She often felt under-confident and uneasy during the exam season and was never happy with her results. Her mother Mrs. Arvinder always supported and encouraged her to approach math in different ways. However, the fact that her child faced difficulty was obviously a matter of concern for this parent.

“Twinkle never liked mathematics. She tried her best at it, but somehow found it extremely difficult. It got to a point where she was scared of the subject.” said Mrs. Arvinder.

Amidst all this uncertainty, Mrs. Arvinder decided to meet Farida Syeda, a Cuemath teacher to discuss what could improve Twinkle’s interest in math. Farida told her to stop searching and enroll immediately for the Cuemath program.

“When Twinkle first came to my class, she was very shy and timid. She couldn’t answer a single question on her own” said the Cuemath teacher, Farida.

However, all three of them agree that the low scores are all in the past. Six months with Cuemath and Twinkle’s improvement has been remarkable. Her mother explains that Twinkle’s scores changed drastically from the 1st unit test to the half yearly exams.

“After the half yearly results were out, the teachers praised my daughter in the class and told everyone that she improved so much in just one month!”

But was that all for Twinkle? Just the scores?

“No”, explained her mother, “Twinkle’s interest in math has increased so much, she looks forward to completing her homework and learning new concepts. The magic behind all this is Cuemath!”

Twinkle’s mother happily claims that her increased interest has also been noticed by other parents and most of them come forward and ask her about Cuemath for the higher grades.

“Even I want my daughter to continue Cuemath till her 12th grade, just like these other parents.”

However, we assured her, that once a child grasps the basics in the right way in their childhood, they will continue to do exceptionally well later on in their lives; and this isn’t limited to just school. Good math skills will be like their daily habits.

After all, nobody forgets how to cycle once they learn it, do they?

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