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What are the 15 Best typing games for kids?


January 27, 2021

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“Gone is the age of steam engines, we are now in the era of computers”.

In this article, we have covered different aspects related to keyboarding, the tool used to interact with computers. From its importance to some of the interesting typing games for kids to some other tips related to typing practice for kids, the focus remained on the development of modern-day learning language and numeracy skills.

Computers have changed the education system drastically. In today's world, it is not enough to be literate. People are racing to become computer literates. 20 years back, my friend commented that the future of gaming would be much more customized and interactive. It won’t be like Super Mario or Contra.

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Now, after 20 years, we can actually fathom how engaging and challenging simulations, puzzles, and other games could be for various skill developments.

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📥 What are the 15 Best typing games for kids?


Keyboarding is the primary skill on the journey towards becoming computer literates. It engages a student with a digital curriculum, recorded lecture notes, standardized tests, and different homework assignments or projects. A fun-loving method to improve this skill is through keyboard games for kids. 

Importance of Typing Games

  • Typing practice games strengthen the literacy skills of children, helping them to enhance their performance.

  • Many students can type without looking at the keyboard i.e. they have a strong focus and they know how to prevent distractions.

  • Typing games for kids strengthen reading, writing, vocabulary, and spelling skills.

  • Developing speed in typing helps in higher-level assignments and projects.

  • Touch typing games for kids develop memory muscles, thereby empowering kids to translate ideas into language.

  • Keyboard games for kids help students to overcome dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, and other learning disabilities.

  • It builds self-esteem amongst children, thereby encouraging self-efficacy and motivation.

List of Typing Games for Kids

Typing is an essential skill in today’s world and must be taken as a daily chore by students. Here are typing games for kids that will help them improve their keyboarding and Maths Skills.

  1. Math Number Puzzle

It is a math-oriented learning game with more than 800 levels (beginner to expert). The game can be played in two modes: challenge and normal. Kids are supposed to solve the given number puzzle before the time limit.

Close-up man making a puzzle

  1. Kids Math Typing

Want to be a math genius? This typing game for kids will improve their typing skills through a fun quiz trivia. It ranges from basic numeracy skills for children to advanced problem-solving through different game modes and levels, everything focusing on mathematical typing skills.

Teacher using a laptop

  1. Maths App-Vedic Maths Tricks

This game has multifold benefits like improving mathematical knowledge, performing speed calculations, and fast typing by engaging kids in an exciting gaming interface. This game is also useful for higher-level education streams.

Calculation Made Simple With Vedic Mathematics

  1. Speed Math

This game builds the basic as well as advanced mathematical skills amongst kids, through different math equations. Every user is given 30 seconds to answer as many math questions as possible.

  1. Dance Math Typing

This keyboard game for kids helps them to learn the position of letters on the keyboard. The game is divided into different levels. The interface involves friendly animals interacting with kids and making them learn different typing aspects.

 thinking of math problems

  1. Keyboard Climber 2

In this typing game, kids have to rescue a monkey by jumping on rock platforms by recognizing the letters popping on the screen. Whenever kids type correctly, the monkey gets a banana, or else a coconut falls on them.

  1. KeyMan

This game is very similar to PacMan. Kids have to move the KeyMan through a maze to eat all the dots before the colorful ghosts catch him. Instead of using arrow keys, the KeyMan is navigated with the help of different letters appearing on the screen. Kids enjoy this typing practice game a lot.

Problem solving (labyrinth) concept illustration

  1. Alpha Munchies

Inspired by Atari’s Space Invaders, this game allows kids to shoot little pixel aliens before they hit the blocks through letters appearing above each alien. This game helps them to improve their typing speed.

  1. Typing Chef

This keyboard game for kids allows them to make a way to different kitchen jobs by typing the words that appear on the screen. Kids have to be quick as they get only five lives. This typing game improves the typing speed of students.

  1. Turtle Diary

This game comes with various themes and gameplay options, making it suitable for all ages. Kids can set the level of skills and even choose different target areas of the keyboard. From lessons to games, this application provides a complete learning experience for young typists.

Other ways (except typing games for kids) to improve typing capabilities

  1. Make students learn at their own pace. Starting with one key at a time and then moving to combinations, words, phrases, and finally sentences.

  2. Accuracy is important, not speed. Encourage students to prevent mistakes.

  3. Regular practice brings perfection.

  4. Encourage and motivate them with positive feedback.

  5. Ensure good sitting posture and small breaks.


Today “Digital is the new Global”. From accuracy to reading skills to cognitive energy to decoding abilities, keyboarding helps children to solve a number of modern-day problems, thereby becoming the demand of every student’s toolkit of skills. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I type fast typing?

Do not rush when you just started learning. Speed up only when your fingers hit the right keys out of habit. Take your time when typing to avoid mistakes. The speed will pick up as you progress. Always scan the text a word or two in advance. Pass all typing lessons at Ratatype.

What are the best free typing programs?

Rapid Typing Tutor. KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor. Speed Typing Online. Typing Bolt. TypingClub. Touch Typing Study.

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