Meet Vajra Dagur- A star student of Cuemath!

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Vajra Dagur is a Cuemath student from Ahmedabad. She’s a 9th grade student from Euro School. Ahmedabad. Her persistence and sheer determination to achieve great success helped her clear the 1st Round of the Cuemath Math Olympiad (CMO), 2019.

Vajra is currently preparing to ace the final round of the Cuemath Math Olympiad.

We had the chance to catch up with Vajra, to know more about her secrets in acing the Cuemath Math Olympiad, 2019.

How was your overall experience with the exam?

The exam was challenging but interesting. Some of the questions required a deeper understanding of the concepts and clarity of concepts. 

What went into the preparations for CMO? 

Doing Regular homework, solving worksheets and a few extra questions from books other than the course books.

How did Cuemath help you score high for CMO?

I was doing Cuemath from 6th grade till 8th grade which made a strong foundation. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was always topping in maths in my class, thanks to Cuemath. The workbooks gave me enough practice to stay ahead of my class apart from that there was better clarity in my concepts too.

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